Life for the beautiful successful, Maia Davidson takes a sudden turn after witnessing her boss’s murder. As if witnessing a murder wasn’t bad enough, her life is turned upside down from going into witness protection to being taken from her home in the middle of the night.

Chance Mason is a handsome former street hitman turned tech and security genius whose focus is a changed life. After leaving the street life behind to build his own cyber security business, he was finally living the life of his dreams until he was hired by a notorious mob boss to break inside a home to disarm a security system. That seemed like a simple task until it led him and his partner into the home of a beautiful woman whom he would be ordered to take and hold hostage.

In Chance’s journey to a new life away from the streets, it was never in the cards to go from hitman to kidnapper nor was it in his plans to fall for anyone in the process.

Find out what happens when being taken leads to a Chance at love…


New Release Spotlight – Taken a Chance on Love, by Kinzy Serbin

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