In the high-stakes world of business, Kazimir “Kaz” Sumpter reigns supreme, his empire extending to every corner of the globe. With a chip on his shoulder and ice in his heart, he’s a brilliant businessman with no room for love, relationships, or vulnerability. To Kaz, the world is a chessboard, and every move he makes is calculated for maximum gain.

Enter Xoey Pepperman, a small-town girl from Anniston, Alabama, seeking a fresh start in the sprawling metropolis of Cleveland, Ohio. When she lands a job at Kaz’s prestigious company, she’s simultaneously enamored and put off by the enigmatic billionaire. Their first encounter is a clash of wills, and their relationship only seems to spiral further downhill.

As Xoey navigates the unfamiliar corporate world, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s back on the grade school playground, facing down bullies. Xoey, strong-willed and resolute, refuses to let anything deter her. Over time, the icy walls around Kaz’s heart begin to crack, and an unexpected bond forms between them.

Yet, their connection is as precarious as it is undeniable. Can Kaz and Xoey overcome their pasts and the obstacles of the present to find the happiness they both deserve? In this gripping story of love, redemption, and second chances, will they seize their shot at a happily ever after, or will the ghosts of their histories threaten to tear it all apart? Find out in this compelling story of two hearts destined to collide, in Taming a Billionaire Bully.


New Release Spotlight – Taming a Billionaire Bully, by Crystal Collier

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