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Check out these new releases from November 6th-12th.

An Unexpected Turn (That’s A Trope Book 1) by Meka James

Some detours can lead you to unexpected places…

May Benjamin takes her role as Maid-of-Honor very seriously and wants to ensure her best friend’s dream wedding goes off without a hitch. Getting the wedding dress from Georgia to New York without incident is her top priority and she’s up for the challenge until she finds out she won’t be making her planned two day trip alone. Now she has to figure out how to spend hours alone, in confined quarters with a woman she can barely make eye contact with.

Best Woman Cicely Thompson hasn’t had a lot of time for family due to her job as a freelance photographer, but she’s committed to being present and involved in her brother’s upcoming nuptials. When asked to accompany the somewhat standoffish Maid-of-Honor on a short road trip, she’s happy to do her part. It doesn’t hurt that she finds the other woman intriguing and attractive.

Fourteen hours in a car, plus a hotel hiccup just might send them veering off course and taking an unexpected turn.


A Touchdown for Christmas : A Sports Romance Novella (The Rookies Series) by J. Nichole

Finally, Gigi gets her happily ever after.

When Gigi thinks it is over, she gets a second chance at love.

All it takes is a cheating fiancé and a night in a bar.

For their Christmas wedding, Angelo will ensure she gets everything she deserves. 

Even if that means what she deserves is nothing she planned.

This Christmas Novella is a follow-up story to Love Blitz.


The Stubborn Kind by Jessica Terry

E.J. Bell is disciplined, successful, and extremely stubborn. No one likes getting on his bad side, but the one person he never thought he’d have to worry about breaking his trust was his wife, Natalia. Once their marriage hits the ten-year mark, though, he realizes how wrong he was.

Natalia Bell is headstrong, blunt, and not scared of anything…except losing E.J. So when she has to admit that she had no intentions of giving him the child she made him wait ten years for, she fears that her marriage will be as good as over.

Can they come back from this, especially once E.J. finds out that’s not the only thing she’s been keeping from him?


Thinking of Forever by Kaye Lovett

Remedy Stevens, a former plus-size model turned entrepreneur, spent three years building herself back up after a horrible breakup. Using her heartbreak as motivation, she built a beautiful career and now she has found her purpose and true self. She also found a friend in her next-door neighbor, Sea. From the moment she saw those sea-green eyes, she was captivated. His sexy exterior and low profile is what she finds attractive, but it’s his enchanting soul that keeps pulling her across the street. She can’t help but think about if she’s ready to jump into anything with another man.

As an artist, Sea Marcel can find beauty in everything. So, it’s not hard for him to be easily mesmerized by Remedy. She was compassionate, confident, and curvaceous—all the things he wanted in a partner. After promising himself he wouldn’t pursue another woman until he got himself together, he finds himself in the friend zone with his neighbor and now best friend. With his first solo show approaching, it’s time to take claim of the woman he always desired but couldn’t have.

When Sea starts seeking out Remedy in a more romantic nature, she’s apprehensive. But as he lies on the thick layers of love, she has no choice but to fall under the charm of the man who she knew won her heart two years ago. What happens when the past is demanding answers to all the unanswered questions? Will Sea and Remedy have it all after going through so much, or will it all be too much, realizing they’re better off as friends?


Three Day Weekend (Ideal Arrangements Book 2) by Kianna Alexander

Rae’s passion for food is about to take her from the kitchen of a local hotel to the ownership of her own eatery on wheels. A quick stop at a coffee shop one fateful night leads her to discover something truly delicious: Jericka, a tall, confident, fine ass stud with a mind for technology and an undeniable appeal.

Jericka’s work in the digital world is laid-back and flexible, just the way she likes it. Years of experience have placed her in a position to spend her time as she sees fit, and she uses that to her advantage wherever she can. Running into the gorgeous, thick as cold molasses Rae on one of her evening beverage stops proves a welcome surprise, and she isn’t about to pass up the opportunity to get to know the sexy chef.

Their conversation is so good they are still chatting when the shop closes down. As they stand outside the establishment, Jericka extends an invitation for Rae to join her for a night of passion, no strings attached. The typically staid, responsible Rae throws caution to the wind, and surrenders to Jericka’s spell… for an entire THREE DAY WEEKEND.


Taming a Billionaire Bully by Crystal Collier

In the high-stakes world of business, Kazimir “Kaz” Sumpter reigns supreme, his empire extending to every corner of the globe. With a chip on his shoulder and ice in his heart, he’s a brilliant businessman with no room for love, relationships, or vulnerability. To Kaz, the world is a chessboard, and every move he makes is calculated for maximum gain.

Enter Xoey Pepperman, a small-town girl from Anniston, Alabama, seeking a fresh start in the sprawling metropolis of Cleveland, Ohio. When she lands a job at Kaz’s prestigious company, she’s simultaneously enamored and put off by the enigmatic billionaire. Their first encounter is a clash of wills, and their relationship only seems to spiral further downhill.

As Xoey navigates the unfamiliar corporate world, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s back on the grade school playground, facing down bullies. Xoey, strong-willed and resolute, refuses to let anything deter her. Over time, the icy walls around Kaz’s heart begin to crack, and an unexpected bond forms between them. 

Yet, their connection is as precarious as it is undeniable. Can Kaz and Xoey overcome their pasts and the obstacles of the present to find the happiness they both deserve? In this gripping story of love, redemption, and second chances, will they seize their shot at a happily ever after, or will the ghosts of their histories threaten to tear it all apart? Find out in this compelling story of two hearts destined to collide in Taming a Billionaire Bully.


#CurrentlyUntitled (I Can Have it All Book 3) by Tia Love

Every lesson warned against him, but the heart writes its own rules. 

Natalia, the personal assistant to one of the most influential Black tech moguls, can’t help but be captivated by his brazen younger brother, Tim, the force behind their security. Every lesson handed down from her mother screams that he’s danger wrapped in charisma. And oh, how he thrives in that knowledge, moving with a confidence that says he’s known many a woman’s touch. For Tim, Natalia’s just another name to add to the long list of beautiful women he’s conquered. He can’t fathom being tied down until Natalia becomes the calm that helps him weather his personal storms.

When an unexpected run-in with Natalia’s ex blurs boundaries, the simmering tension between them bubbles over. With every stolen glance and touch, they plunge deeper into an unexpected intimacy. Natalia has her own dark past to reckon with, but Tim’s shadowy past and unsolved demons loom just as large, challenging a bond neither saw coming.


Wicked by K. Blaze

Halloween has always been a love hate holiday for most. Tomorrow Morris does not involve herself in anything pertaining to Halloween. It was three days before Halloween and strange things happening around her.

Legend Williams a mystery within itself stays low key. With Halloween nearing he tries his hardest to stay in the shadows until her. He watched Tomorrow from afar until he couldn’t anymore.

One night a horrid accident lands Tomorrow in the confines of Legend. Things spin out of control and cause a connection to happen that never is supposed to. Come and enjoy this ride with two people from opposite sides of the tracks.


RAPTURE by Taisha S. Ryan

Makai Hall reigns supreme as the owner of the hottest club in New York City. A businessman of magnetic charm, he thrives in the realm of glittering lights, exclusive parties, and the vibrant nightlife. But on one pivotal night, fate takes an unexpected turn. He crosses paths with the one person he least expects. Lauren Weller. A beautiful woman with a tumultuous past, yet fierce spirit, who captured his heart since day one. Now a successful attorney, she has long since blossomed from the around-the-way girl he once knew. Fond memories rush back. Old feelings resurface. And Makai finds himself caught up in the whirlwind of his past. But there’s only one problem. 
She’s the love of his brother’s life.
And as the saying goes…some lines aren’t meant to be crossed.
Or are they?


Temptations of Tomorrow by Compton Carlotta

In Temptations of Tomorrow, a sultry urban fantasy romance, a woman named Christiana Cobb possesses a remarkable gift – she can see the future through her visions, a talent that’s proven invaluable to her powerful crime family.
But as her family’s fortunes rise, their rivals can’t help but wonder how Christiana’s family always stays one step ahead. In a daring move, the leader of the rival family’s son, Zephyr Harper, infiltrates Christiana’s world, getting dangerously close to the woman with the extraordinary abilities.

As Zephyr and Christiana’s worlds collide, sparks fly in ways neither could have foreseen. With his intentions based on secrets, and a deadly game of deception, Zephyr is torn between his loyalty to his family and his growing feelings for the tempting and beautiful Christiana Cobb.

When Christiana stumbles upon Zephyr’s true intentions and the chilling plot to eliminate her because of what she can do, the delicate balance between love and danger unravels. Christiana must decide who to trust, and Zephyr must choose where his loyalties truly lie.

Temptations of Tomorrow is story of love, betrayal, and the blurred lines between right and wrong in a world where visions can save lives or seal fates. Will Zephyr and Christiana’s love be strong enough survive the treacherous shadows of the criminal underworld, or will it be lost forever to the veils of deception?


Scarred Souls by Jade Royal

Playboy vs. Virgin:

A Steamy Shifter Romance Spoiled. Arrogant. Dragon Prince.

Sassy. Rebellious. Curvy Girl.

He needs a bride as social proof to take his place on the throne as alpha in his flight. She needs a husband to break away from her parents’ overprotective hand.

An arranged blind date by his father gives them the perfect opportunity to benefit both parties.

A fake marriage. Will their “I do” seal their fate as a lifetime of pretending?

Get ready for a sizzling romance between two unlikely opposites, filled with passion, desire, and unexpected twists. Will they succumb to their primal instincts or will they find a way to make their arrangement work?
Find out in this tantalizing tale of love, lust, and deception.


Saint and the Queen by Desiree

Eve Noelle has been tortured by her mother’s careless dreams and delusions her entire childhood that her absent father is actually Santa Claus. The real Santa Claus. She despises Christmas, the music, the children, and anything to do with the holiday but then one day.. Of course, what she doesn’t expect is her mother’s insanity turning into her actual reality when an real live elf shows up at her office just before the holidays. 

Keenan Hayes is your typical random man from Atlanta working a regular job delivering packages. He pays his bills, smokes in his down time and enjoys what Atlanta, his home city has to offer. Yet, one day when he returns from a shift, he finds a man dressed in a red suit, declaring himself to be Santa Claus…tells Keenan that he is to take his place and save Christmas. Not only by becoming the next Saint as they are called, but to marry his daughter, Eve Noelle who has no idea he exists. 


Finding My Way Outta Darkness : A Story Of Unconditional Love by Briyanna Michelle

Special Ops Agent Brian McClain finds himself teaming up with the FBI to end the sex-trafficking rank in the city. He doesn’t expect to see his first love Makayla Scott after so many years. The one that got away and he is reminded of the fact that she doesn’t remember the time they spent together. Brian is determined to help Makayla not only gain her freedom but win her heart in the process.


Satin & Stone by Tequilla’ Chante’

A chance encounter in Forte Green, Brooklyn seemingly sets off a chain of events that lead to the resurfacing of unaddressed trauma, long withheld secrets, and desires for vengeance. 

Each person involved in this fast-paced tale of intertwining lives, is forced to confront their demons. Some experience the transformative power of resilience and healing benefits of forgiveness while others face the inevitable consequences that arise when one’s heart is hardened and set on vengeance. 

At the epicenter of this gripping romantic thriller, Xavier and Maleah fight to navigate the treacherous terrains of trust, vulnerability, and love after heartbreak.

From one chapter to the next you’ll find yourself questioning: Will Love prevail? Will the broken heal? Will the vengeful be vindicated? & Will the remorseful be forgiven?


Holiday Love by Raykel Tolson

In the long-awaited sequel to I Need A Christmas Angel, we observe Barbara Benson, affectionately known as BB, a widow whose life revolves around her love for the holidays and her roles as a supportive mother and doting grandmother. BB’s daughter persuades her into a New Year’s Eve date with Richard Jones, a decade BB’s junior. Their undeniable chemistry and attraction leave BB both perplexed and exhilarated. For BB, the age difference casts a shadow of doubt that she can’t seem to escape, but for Richard, age is just a number, and he is determined to make BB his woman.


All My Love: Christian Christmas Romance by Tope Omotosho

Discover the hidden threads of Love and Faith in this Holiday Romance.
Audrey finds herself at a crossroads in Atlanta, far from her homeland but close to her dreams. After a heart-wrenching breakup and a series of hilarious yet disastrous dates, she’s convinced love is just another script she’ll never get right.

Enter Eli, a charming and mysterious man who’s got a secret or two hidden behind those kind eyes. When their paths cross, Audrey’s world is upturned. As she navigates the complexities of family expectations, cultural traditions, and her insecurities, she discovers that love can be as unpredictable and thrilling as her favourite K-dramas.

Amidst the glittering Christmas lights, Audrey and Eli’s journey unfolds, filled with laughter, romance, and the magic of the holiday season. Will Audrey find the love she’s been looking for, or is this just another twist in the script of her life? Join Audrey and Eli as they chase their own swoony romance, with a touch of K-Drama flair, in this heartwarming tale of love, family, and finding the unexpected when you least expect it.


Especially During the Holidays: A Christian Inspirational Romance (Heaton Family & Friends Book 4) by Taretha Jones

Jazlyn is a successful event planner whose main goal in life is to honor God in her work. She absolutely loves the Christmas season, so it’s no surprise that she likes to get a head start on celebrating the holiday every time it rolls around. But when Christmas approaches this year, Jazlyn’s heart tells her that it wants to find one thing in her stocking: a soulmate. When Jazlyn is tasked with working with a handsome youth minister at her church, maybe she’ll discover that God performs some of His best miracles during the holiday season!


His Grace and Mercy by Mel Dau

When life happens, it happens fast and often without warning. Continue the journey of the unknown with Maverick and Rizelle as they both navigate different battles that affect them both equally. Will they choose to fight these battles together or stand in their stubbornness to stay on the road they know? Sometimes the road you know is the road that hurts you the most. All we can ask God for is grace and mercy then add a lot more.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up November 6th-12th

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