With her career on the rise in New York City’s interior design scene, Shayla Wilson lands the job of a lifetime decorating a wealthy businessman’s penthouse. But there’s a catch: he’s the father of her ex-best friend Princess Greene. Though hesitant, Shayla decides to take the job, eager to showcase her skills. 

As she works on revamping the penthouse, an undeniable attraction grows between Shayla and the charming, sexy Alexander Greene. Despite their age difference, chemistry simmers just below the surface until they finally give in to their feelings.

When Princess discovers their romance, she’s furious. She confronts Shayla, dredging up painful wounds from their broken friendship. Torn between her feelings for Alexander and mending bridges with Princess, Shayla considers abandoning the project. But walking away from Alexander also means turning her back on love.


New Release Spotlight – Tangled Web Of Love, by Pamela Campbell

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