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Check out these new releases from November 20th-26th.

FEAST by Tanzania Glover

Dinner isn’t the only thing on the table this holiday season.

Being broke, virginal and stuck on campus during Thanksgiving break would be a downer to just about any other student at Dawson University, but for freshman Lee Williams it’s all the right ingredients to finally making her move on evasive senior Monte McGhee. Initially whipping up the recipe seems easy enough even for an amateur in the kitchen like herself, but Lee soon finds out that she’s teased the right one for too long and Monte’s hunger for her might not be satisfied with just one bite.


Spontaneous Soulmates (Beach is Better Series) by Chassilyn Hamilton

What was just supposed to be a week of fun abroad The Freedom Bliss for Gia Davidson and Grant Lattimore, didn’t stay that way. Find out what happens when fate intervenes in Spontaneous Soulmates.


Makai (Berkeley Bred Book 3) by Grey Huffington

Go tell that nigga you fucking the boss now. 

A menace, I was, the duration of my life. Unsure of what was next, who was next, or where I was headed next. The only for-sure shit in my world was my paper and my people. The ice around my heart was still intact, never being penetrated or as much as tapped. 

Amazed, I was, the day I encountered you. The perfect analogy for your government, you were cold, Mommas. The impression you left on me heated me to the core, thawing the ice around that red vessel, awakening it from hibernation. 

A man on a mission, I became the minute I decided that it was you I wanted to myself, promising to never share you with anyone else. The way you came into my world and brought all your beauty with you gave me little room for error. You made me want to be better. You made me want to be the nigga that woke up each day just to love you, again. You made me want to choose you over and over and over. And, I did. 
A mess, I was discovering the world that we created with one another had been infiltrated. Discovering I was no longer invincible and you were touchable flipped a switch so deep in my dome that I didn’t think it was reachable. In the midst of it all, a tear formed, disrupting our bond. Mommas, I’ll spend the rest of my days repairing it –but onlyafter the threat has been neutralized.


Her Royal Professor: Elite Alliance (The Royals of Kéra Asnela) by Stephanie Nicole Norris

He was her teacher, and she, his student.

Princess Cadence Winthrope had to pass the ultimate test to become a member of the Elite Alliance. However, with the desire between her and her professor painstakingly palpable, a distraction of this magnitude could cost Cadence a significant role in the society. Having this knowledge doesn’t make Cadence refocus. Instead, she wrestles with her heart’s demands to fall in love, and her surrender may change the trajectory of her future.


Remember the Time: A Thanksgiving Short by Aubree Pynn

It should have been a regular non-world altering Thanksgiving holiday. At least that’s what Yandria assumed. It wasn’t until Kendrick Saxon showed up in her kitchen the day before Thanksgiving, when she realized everything stuffed deep down was getting ready to bubble to the top. Attraction, soul ties and the truth she refuses to speak are all a guest at the table.

Do you remember the time when you fell in love?


Nobody To Love You Better by ML Bash

When it comes to Donovan Moss and Reiner Gaines, Kimber Dixon has proven to be their guardian angle. Both men let Kimber into their hearts but refuse to allow their feelings to get in the way of years of friendship.

Years later after leaving to make sense of her own life, Kimber returns to the small town where she was raised to discover the boys she met all those years ago are now men.

Donovan and Reiner have an offer she can’t refuse and Kimber decides to try something different. While they attempt to navigate their new bond, the three quickly realize their potential love triangle proves to be the least of their issues.

Donovan and Renier are fine with sharing Kimber but she steps right into a life she never imagined possible, so why choose. Unfortunately for Kimber, chance encounters prove to be more complicated than she’s prepared to handle and create more chaos than the two men vying for her heart.

*This is a reverse harem romance. One woman, two men who love and protect her in ways she can never imagine possible.*


Passion Over Pride (Dummond Family Drama Book 2) by Karmen Lee

The Dummond family is full of secrets, but as the oldest Dummond sibling, Jonathan Jr. plans on making a lot of changes that might just shake the family to pieces. No one would dare mistake his quietness for weakness, but with all the power his name comes with, there is one thing Jonathan has never been able to have.

Regina Mayfield’s family left Atlanta with its proverbial tail between its legs, but now she’s back and seeking not only revenge for her family, but also for herself. She has a score to settle, and she has no problem playing dirty if it means restoring her family’s name.

The past and future are on a collision course as Jonathan and Regina engage in a battle of wills that might just take both of their families down with them. Unless one of them gives in, pride will truly be their downfall.

Passion Over Pride is book 2 in a series of interconnected standalones following the five Dummond siblings.


Sidelined Love by Dandridge Monroe

*This is a slow-burn romance*

He who finds a wife finds a good thing’. But what if she belongs to someone else?

Carine McDonald has lived life by the books. She’s done what she was told were the right things to do. Her biggest problem is that while she strives to be a good wife to her husband, he wants to be a good everything to everyone else. Between his child’s mother and the other women she’s turned a blind eye to, she’s fallen out of love. Will this move to Texas for her husband to play for the Desperados be what revives their marriage, or puts the final nail in the coffin?

Dr. Richard Morrison has lived life in the shadows. A life born of violence, he has attempted to excel in everything he does to atone for the nature of his birth. He lives on the straight and narrow in hopes that he’s nothing like the man who helped create him. But when he lays eyes on a player’s wife, something inside of him sparks. No matter how badly he tries to quench the flames, they only continue to grow. To consume him. Will indulging in his desires with a woman who should be off limits turn him into the one thing he’s never wanted to be?

Forbidden fruit is always sweetest, but will giving into temptation ruin their chances for happily ever after?

Sienna: A Heavenly Hideaway Romance Book One by Amberlei Jae

The holidays have never been more pleasurable down in Seaside, Florida.

Meet Sienna. She’s uptight, a bit of a prude, and in need of some good love or a good lay, maybe both. She’s the boss babe owner of Heavenly Hideaway Spa in Seaside, Florida. It’s not your ordinary spa. Not only does it offer massages but “bonus” services, too.

It’s the week before Thanksgiving and she finds herself amid the hustle and bustle one morning. She bumps into a stranger who may or may not turn into the perfect lover after grabbing coffee.


Skin Deep (A Poly Love Story) by Tanon Tales

At a young age, Niema “Jelly” James thought she had found her forever. It didn’t take long for her to realize that was far from the truth. After years of pain and suffering, she’s given a chance to finally be free but will she be able to breakaway from her past?

Cree Alexander was born, raised and lived in the hard life. His voice alone spoke fear into many and he loved to cause pain. After he’s given a second chance and a fresh start to be “regular”, one phone call lands him right back in his element.

When the two crossed paths, neither of them expected so much to ensue, but they soon realize that they have to work together in order to hold on to their new found freedom.


Forever My Hitter: Pharaoh & Bella by Talena Tillman

For eleven years, Bella and Pharaoh have been secretly in love. Unfortunately, their relationship has consistently encountered insurmountable obstacles that ultimately lead to their separation. Bella pursues a life as a sensational superstar singer, reveling in the spotlight and the adoration of her fans. Pharaoh, on the other hand, leads a dangerous life as a hitman, his existence cloaked in shadows. When Bella’s tour concludes one day, she takes a leap of faith and shows up on Pharaoh’s doorstep, determined to reclaim her man and work through their issues once and for all. However, the stark differences in their lifestyles and the lingering wrath of her uncle continue to loom, threatening to keep them apart forever. When it’s all said and done, can their love defeat the odds stacked against them?


IGNITE by Joan Vassar

Life in 1925 Atlanta, Georgia, makes Truck realize three things:

He must demand respect…

Be uncompromising in the protection of his family…

And see Josephine for who she really is…

When his family is faced with losing everything, Truck embarks on a path from which there is no turning back. Ignite is a complicated tale of passion and unconditional love while navigating the Jim Crow South.


Forever My Lady (The RnB Series Book 1) by Olivia Linden

Can you really fall in love with your 8th-grade boyfriend? Can that love survive a breakup and almost a decade apart?
Chelle and Remy were the quintessential high school couple. Knowing each other from elementary school, when they finally came together, they both fell head over heels. An unexpected break-up not only drives them apart but drives Chelle to make a completely fresh start for herself. She focuses on her future and vows to forget about him. Forever.That is, until her junior year of college when he shows up as a starter for the basketball team, and they’re thrust into the same friend group. Chelle’s broken heart won’t allow her to let Remy close, and he stays away, certain that she hates him. Fast forward to two years after graduation, and their mutual friends are getting married on a beautiful tropical island. When they see each other their unbreakable bond springs to life, and they soon learn that the awkward tension between them is really a mask for deeper feelings. While she’s in no hurry to give the man who hurt her like no other another chance but figures a little fun in the sun can’t hurt, Remy is determined to get her back.Will her fear of rejection keep them from exploring what could be a good thing, or will Remy’s romantic nature be too hot to resist?


Her Plus One: A Thanksgiving Romance by S. Cassadera

Nursing a broken heart days before her cousin wedding leaves Aurora questioning her worth. It’s a good thing her best friend has her best intentions at heart. While on this trip, they encounter miscommunication of their lips. What happens at the reception indeed stays at the reception, right?

Well, Malcolm has been in love with his best friend for over a decade. While her ex tries to sneak his way back into her heart, he takes his chance. Will their forbidden relationship be tested during the holiday, or will they return to being friends for a happily ever after?

This holiday novella is a slow-burn story, packed with tense moments, laughter, desire, and lots of fall festivities.


’till New Year’s Day by Breonna Brownlee

Kennedy Mitchell, former perfect-student, finds herself home for the holidays after a scandal at her law firm puts her on “sabbatical”. She lands directly in the face of former classmates she’s been avoiding the past decade, especially Langston Davis. When the truth is revealed about their former rendezvous, can she keep her love life together through Christmas, or does it all fall apart before she can leave town on New Year’s Day?


One Billion Reasons by Millie Belizaire

Morgan Caplan has had one dream her entire life. When her adult services website leaks to her interviewer, it seems she can kiss her dream goodbye. That is… until a new client makes her an offer she simply can’t refuse. Damien doesn’t need to give her a reason to accept. There are at least a billion.

Previously Published on Kindle Vella


KING by Ayelle Burke

This book is currently on Kindle Vella. The story is the same. 

Tired of living a life dictated by other people’s expectations. T’Asia decides to take control and live life on her own terms.

New town…check.

New job… check.

New mission to move beyond her unexplored desires…absolutely

This journey brings her back to a familiar place, but with an unfamiliar mission: to explore the depths of her desires, long suppressed by the conservative views of her upbringing. Her journey leads her to a club owned by a friend, a sanctuary where freedom and exploration reign supreme.

With a spark of courage, T’Asia applies for membership, hoping to find a guide who can navigate her through the uncharted waters of passion and discovery. What she doesn’t expect is to be matched with the one person she least expects…Kade…her friend.

To everyone else he is Kade but to T’Asia he is King.


Winter Love by Zyanya Redtop

Wrap your heart in the warmth of the season with Natalie and Marcus as they embark on a magical holiday journey. Filled with festive joy, love blossoms like snowflakes, creating a winter wonderland of shared laughter and tender moments. Can the enchantment of the holidays mend the broken strings of their pasts and weave a love story destined for a happily-ever-after? Join them in this heartwarming tale where love, laughter, and holiday miracles intertwine to create a cozy, love-filled celebration you won’t want to miss!

All They Loved (The Bennett Family Series Book 10) by Rhonda McKnight

Leela Ingram is starting over after her divorce from her cheating husband. She’s relocated and lucked into a great career as an event planner. Leela is determined to be successful at maintaining and elevating her new business. She’s focused until she meets television executive, Kiefer Bennett, whose charm, and down-to-earth personality are hard to resist.

Kiefer is overwhelmed by his new position as VP of programming for Bennett Television. Conversations with Leela are a distraction he needs. When he discovers she’s burdened by financial struggles Kiefer proposes a unique arrangement that includes Leela working for him part time and dog sitting while he travels for business. Their professional relationship soon evolves into something more, as Kiefer needs her in ways that consume not only her heart, but her time.

Love is inevitable, but will their romance have a chance once someone from Leela’s past resurfaces, and Kiefer’s insecurities and a complex secret he’s been keeping becomes known.

Each book in the Bennett Family series is a standalone story, but will be enjoyed if read in order of publication.


An HBCU Love Affair by L.A. Lewis

In the heart of Louisiana, a forbidden romance unfolds between Octavia Williams and Derek Charles Jones, intertwining two families torn apart by the rivalry between schools. She hails from the proud lineage of the Southern University Jaguars, while he is deeply rooted in the tradition of the Grambling State Tigers.

As the Bayou Classic, the most anticipated football game of the year, approaches, tensions rise to an all-time high. Family loyalties and school pride are put to the test, and the couple finds themselves caught in the middle of the storm. As the Tigers and Jaguars clash on the field, tempers flare, and emotions run wild in the stands.

This forbidden love trope will tug at your heartstrings and remind us that love knows no boundaries, not even those forged by long-standing rivalries.


13 Days of a Hot Girl Holiday by TN Jones

Eighteen days before saying ‘I do’, Melanie Broadnax learned her fiance and only lover ‘sowed his oats’ and wished her to do the same. Tasked with the unwanted and most problematic yet simplest ‘to-do’ duty, Melanie’s tossed into a world of confusion, understanding, and passion-filled romance by six males, all vying for her attention and eager to be in her fiance’s position.

Will Melanie view her fiance and their relationship the same, better, or worse? How much will each man impact her life?


Pleasure and Payne by Natisha Raynor

Delonte Payne doesn’t trust many. Especially women. When his best friend is burned by a woman that he trusted enough to let into his home, Payne can empathize all too well. He’s mad for his friend, and doesn’t hesitate to make it known. Even when his anger is misdirected. 

From the moment Pleasure locked eyes with the handsome stranger that was scowling at her, she was on high alert. The way he was glaring at her like he knew her put her into defense mode. Pleasure and Payne are like oil and water. They don’t mix. But the attraction is uncanny. Will acting on the intense physical urges that they both feel be one of the biggest mistakes that either of them ever made? Find out in this novella.


If there are any new releases that we missed, please feel free to send them our way and we will share them ASAP.

New Release Round-Up November 20th-26th

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