Four Christmas songs. Three chance encounters. Two estranged friends. And an Instagram post to start it all.

When tragedy hits far too close to home, Noëlle Emerson, screenwriter and director of photography, heads for the highest hills; 3,000 miles from the comfort of her quaint Virginia town. After eight years, nostalgia grips her heartstrings and the tunnel vision success strategy she’s maintained is subverted. Her emotions spiral out of her control as she grapples with the thought of finally venturing home for the holidays.

With three new Grammys making themselves at home on his mantle, Ezra Graham, crooner and proverbial heart-throb wants nothing more than to cap off his year with the ones he loves most. With his on again/off again girlfriend in tow he returns to the place where it all began.


New Release Spotlight – The First Noëlle: A Novelette, by Harleigh Rae

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