First, I was not expecting this ending. The story was a friends to lovers story with a kind of pact between them. Second, the premise for the story was perfect for my wheelhouse, as this genre is popular in romance novels.  When Lennox and Rylee, as young teens agreed to marry one another if they were still single at thirty years old, it was a pact made by teenage friends.  The best friends always hung out together, entertained one another, and had a relationship many would kill to have in their lives. All their friends could see their chemistry was love based. Rylee Daniels worked for the New York Stock Exchange and was one of the best in the business. Rylee liked the image associated with her career. Lennox Walker was a superstar retired forward for the Bronx Ballers.  Although he retired super early – his late twenties – in comparison to other athletes. His and Rylee’s lives change and the people in his life broadened the choices the couple would begin to ruminate about.

When Rylee and Lennox began to have issues close to their thirtieth birthdays, they made the decision to become a couple. Rylee also wanted to have a baby. I was surprised Rylee and Lennox hashed out this farfetched plan to have a baby. Those events ramped the story to a higher level of excitement. Rylee’s biological clock started to bang out a tune so loudly, she had a plan with her best friend to quell the loudness of the tone. She made a choice because of her track record with the former lovers in her past. As the couple made the decision to consummate their relationship, and they started to make a life together, things changed quickly in their relationship. The couples’ loving relationship blossomed in earnest. The changes were short-lived before new drama caused them angst of unexpected proportions. The story took a few unexpected turns and ended with my mouth hanging open. I enjoyed the story and the chance to get to know this couple. 4.0 Stars.

Review – Last Comes Love: A Bittersweet Love Story, by Brookelyn Mosley

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