Life has been everything but fair to seventeen-year-old Butterfly Reid. As a result, she works hard to keep people at bay. Abandoned more times than she cares to remember, she figures that closing herself off from the world stops any further heartbreak. But then love appears in the form of nineteen-year-old, Raphael Taylor. Unbeknownst to her, his love was manifested by her mother long before their first encounter. Still, everybody she has ever loved has left, forcing her to put up guards that she doesn’t even realize are there. Plus, she has so many secrets. The thought of him leaving after finding out what she is truly capable of creates a paralyzing fear in Butterfly. Can he love her in pieces? More importantly, once the pieces of her puzzle are revealed, can he love every piece?


New Release Spotlight – The Life & Times of Butterfly Reid VOL. 1, by Dell Palmer

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