Love – best felt when overstated. People sing songs about it, write poems about it, and almost any movie you see is about Love. If we all wrote a pledge to it, would the right man receive it? That’s the big question Mercy Davis finds herself attempting to answer every day. 
Can she truly make the right man stay if she followed a series of pledges to love?

Mercy finds herself on date after date to find the “perfect man” after a bad breakup and the loss of her job. Life is a mess, but with the help of her best friend, she sets out to start up her career as a blogger ready to share the storyline of a lifetime. Her friends, Shauna and Brenton, are backing her one hundred percent. Brenton, the one guy who has always been there for her, decides to participate just to make her happy against his better judgment. 
Unbeknownst to Mercy, Brenton has loved her all of their lives but was too afraid to cross the line and potentially ruin their friendship.

Although Brenton is participating, he knows there is no one for him. Will Brenton find the courage to go after the woman he has always wanted, or will he and Mercy end up with someone they never knew they wanted?


New Release Spotlight – The Love Pledge, by Iesha Bree

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