In this story I wanted to take a spin through the pages, do a wheelie, and then take another run through for good measure. It was that good.  In the beginning, Kendall’s behavior in the story; there were times I looked at her crazy. Kendall Washington was a schoolteacher for impressionable young minds by day, and by night she occasionally loved to shake her booty in the clubs with her friends. Before you start calling me old-fashioned, I don’t have a problem with free-spirited behavior all the time. Only if it’s harmful concerning children. Otherwise, it is their business.

Not too far into the story, Kendall met Cassie Daniels, and the little girl inched her way into her teacher’s heart. Soon after, she met Cassie’s father Price, her lust meter flashed and amplified with every encounter between them. A story with kids always makes me happy, but having a story filled with little people is exceptionally colorful in this case. A teacher having a relationship with her student’s father isn’t really anything new. The author spun the story about their relationship quite well, and as a result, the writing and message delivered excellent points of view regarding it taking a village to rear children in a loving environment. Cassie was an adorable little girl, and the way Kendall’s family accepted both Cassie and Price was sweet.

You all know how much I love backstories and ancillary characters and I was in heaven with these characters. The author shared a note about why she wrote this beautiful story at the conclusion. All I can say is, thank you! We are grateful Ms. Walters writes for us!  5.0 Stars.

Review – Drive Me to Ecstasy, by Monica Walters

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