When love strikes so unexpectedly…

Summer Locke has made sacrifices for the sake of her family for most of her life. First as the oldest of four daughters, and then as a busy doctor and single mother to her burgeoning teen, Bella. Now at thirty-five with three younger sisters all coupled up, she is fighting loneliness and resentment. Afraid to truly love because of a secret she is not yet ready to reveal, she has given up on happily ever after and would settle with happily for now. Until she meets cowboy Maverick Shaw. He is the man she never knew she’d dreamed of with his rugged good looks, easy smile, natural swagger, and undeniable sex appeal. As their love grows, and the pressure to divulge the truth heightens, Summer’s world begins to spin out of control. And she wonders if she can withstand the consequences of her past actions or will she lose it all?


New Release Spotlight – The Summer Storm, by Tiye Love

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