Sergio Jones was on the verge of elevating his career from actor to director when a scandal broke out threatening his business and the financing of his film. In desperate need to clean up his image and salvage his career, Sergio considers an opportunity that would change his life forever. 

Michaela Robinson was the definition of independent and stubborn. The mere thought of needing help from anyone made her go ten times harder, leaving her burned out, and alone. When Michaela’s roommate abruptly ended their lease, she left, Michaela with the task of finding a roommate, while juggling graduate school, an internship, and part-time work. At the risk of losing everything, her beloved uncle, Michael, gave her an ultimatum that would change her life. 

Sergio and Michaela promised to help each other rebuild their lives. But what happens when their wedding vows mean more than having job security and financial stability? Will Sergio and Michaela learn how to love, honor and cherish each other? Find out in, The Vow.


New Release Spotlight – The Vow: a marriage of convenience romance, by D. Rose

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