Three gunmen in devil masks raid New Birth Baptist of Huntsville and forever alters the lives of its members – two in particular: Ameena, a Broadway actress who returned home because her baby sister has cancer, and Will Dantzler, a handsome, motorcycle-riding associate pastor who saves Ameena’s life during the shooting. The near-death experience opens a door to Ameena’s hardened heart and Will gladly walks in. Right off the bat, their budding relationship is challenged by how the robbery investigation exposes each of their not-so sanctified pasts.

Police believe the robbery was orchestrated from the inside, and the philandering, bombastic head Bishop Simon L Bonneau has no shortage of enemies.

Can the heart-wrenching love between Ameena and Will dig its way up through all the mess heaped upon it, like the investigation, a vindictive skin bleaching first lady, a jealous associate pastor, even monsters from their horrible pasts coming forward – in one form or another – to ruin their blessed present. Most importantly, where is God’s hand in all of this?


New Release Spotlight – The Waymaker, by Rod Palmer

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