The universe tends to throw us curve balls, and when it does, we have two options: we either give in to the obstacles, or we can take full control of our lives. 

For Akeem Sanders, life handed him a bit more than he could chew. Still mourning a life from his past, he’s been fighting himself to move on to new and better things. When his friend pushes him to visit one of the best kept secrets of Syracuse, his mind slowly changes. Stedman’s becomes his escape from reality. A one-night fantasy of Tonight’s Promise becomes a lingering thought on his mind… a thought he doesn’t see himself shaking.

Smile more, talk less. Carrington Kennedy has always been a good girl. She has been one of her mother’s most prized possessions. Becoming one of the city’s top therapists, helping other’s tap into their better selves, Carrington slowly realizes one of the things she teaches her clients seems to be the one thing she can’t master yourself—standing on her own two feet. With her upcoming nuptials, Carrington finds herself trying to please those who don’t seem too concerned about her true happiness. In the time leading up to her wedding, Carrington finds solace in a man she has no business attaching herself to. A man who is not only her father’s new prodigy, but a man who is also her new client. 

In a short time, many rules are broken, and boundaries are crossed. With so much happening right under everyone’s nose, these two are left wondering if what they feel is a wave of lust, or the act of love imbedding itself within them. Join these two as the find comfort in forbidden arms.


New Release Spotlight – Tonight’s Promise : A Stedman’s Love Chronicle, by Malay Reneé

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