When Essence Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Music Group, walks into Mocha Tea & Trends, a new high-end coffee shop in Old City Philadelphia, her goal is to get some work done. But when she overhears the manager ending a frustrating call with the artist scheduled to perform that weekend, she jumps at the chance to offer her newly signed songstress.

Enter Philadelphia basketball sensation, Shane Bishop, the shop’s owner. Their eyes lock and she’s certain she feels butterflies, but she refuses to be distracted—and by a ball player no less. But Shane is already smitten as he listens to her and the manager seal the deal for her artist to showcase her talent. Later, Shane slides into her DM’s, sending her a message that leaves her speechless. After they exchange numbers and move to talking on the phone, she finally agrees to go out with him.

What starts out as a newfound friendship between two preacher’s kids, turns into a God-ordained romance as both of their lives are shaken up by family secrets, old flames, and an incident that could ruin both of their careers.

Will Essence and Shane be able to keep their love tight through the ups and downs of the entertainment business they’re a part of, or will family drama, past trauma, and rumors be too much for them to endure?


New Release Spotlight – The Essence of His Soul, by Mya Kay

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