After turning thirty Kelia Metcalf decided college wasn’t the path, she envisioned for herself. Figuring out what she wanted to do outside of college became her main goal. Determined to prove she can be successful at bartending; love was the last thing on her mind.

Aden Gordon was content with the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to which was all work and no play. With the perfect career, Aden realized the only thing missing was the perfect person to share his life with. Who would have thought a trip to the laundromat would lead to a chance encounter that put Kelia at the top of his priority list.

All work and no play is how the old saying goes. But a little fun never hurt anyone. What happens when opposites attract, and liquor is added to the mix?

If you’re looking for an update on Rittany and Nehemiah from “Make Me Your Selection” look no further!

If you haven’t read “Make Me Your Selection” don’t fear each book can be read separately.


New Release Spotlight – Whatever You Want, by L. Dodson

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