How long do you have to be apart from someone before you can say you don’t know them anymore?

How long does someone have to be out of your life before your every waking thought doesn’t revolve around them?

Olivia Harding bulldozed her way into my life at twelve years old. She broke my heart at nineteen and I haven’t seen her once in the thirteen years since.

She chose her career over me. And now, because life is a cruel and coldhearted bitch, I’m praying that she gives me a chance to help her save it.

The smart thing to do would be to keep my distance, to keep it strictly professional.

But I’ve never been smart when it comes to her.


Soccer is all I ever wanted in life.

And then I met Kai Morris.

He turned my life upside down in the best way possible. He was there when those that I needed weren’t and how did I repay him? I broke his heart.

He should hate me after what I did and he definitely shouldn’t be willing to help me get my career back on track.

Now, for the next year I’ll have to feel his touch, smell his intoxicating scent, and look into his devastatingly beautiful eyes. He makes me want things I haven’t thought about in so long.

But I can’t have him.

There’s too much at risk. Too much truth I’ve tried to protect him from all these years.

When the truth comes out, will he be able to forgive me? Because I don’t think I’m strong enough to walk away from him a second time.


New Release Spotlight – Where We Found Our Passion (Lost & Found Series Book 3), by Natasha Bishop

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