“I can’t cross that line with you, Ausha. It will change everything for us.” —Messiah

After walking away from a bad relationship, Ausha is convinced that she needs to be alone—until Messiah Deveroe, the friend she’s tried so hard not to love, tempts her in a way that she can’t forget.

Messiah knows that he’s trouble, and he’s not interested in changing his ways. He’ll give a woman whatever she wants, as long as it doesn’t involve his heart. But when his feelings for Ausha grow faster than he can control, Messiah is forced to deal with the painful reality of his past—a past that he’s tried so hard to run away from.

What happens when running is no longer an option? Will Messiah give in to his heart, and put the past behind him? Or will he fall back into old habits, and sabotage his future with the one woman he truly loves?


New Release Spotlight – Worth The Risk, by AC Taylor

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