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Let Me Please You: A McClain Family Novella (McClain Brothers) by Alexandria House*

She’s the only sister in a family of alpha males. Loved, treasured, and sheltered by her brothers, Kat McClain is working to heal the pain of a failed marriage to a man she loved from her teenage years and move on with her life, but she’s a woman, she has needs, and she is understandably lonely.

Tommy Kirby has protected her brother since he was barely a man and has been a silent staple in the McClain family for just as long. He loves his job and his life, is loyal to his employer, but more than anything, he wants a family of his own.

Perhaps these two are exactly what the other desires.

*** This is a novella that takes place during the same time as Let Me Show You, book 3 of the McClain Brothers series and is best read after reading that book. ***

Contains mature content.



A Tale of Two Cities: A Valentine’s Novella by Alexandra Warren*

When people think of a holiday for love, they automatically come up with Valentine’s Day.
But for Brooklyn and Austin, the day after is when the real fun begins thanks to a dare of a DM on Instagram that leads to the two of them spending a hot weekend in Miami together. 😉

A Tale of Two Cities Collection:
Cute & Sweet Millennial Meets Over a Holiday,
All With One Thing In Common; Cities.

Note: This is a short novella with a happy-for-now ending.
If you prefer your stories longer, I’d recommend checking out another Alexandra Warren project. 🙂



I’ll Be Good to You by Chelsea Maria*

Is it cliché to want a perfect love story? To have your heart beat out of rhythm and palms grow sweaty? Yazlyn Miller didn’t think so. In fact, the hopeless romantic has been in love with the idea of love since she became a witness to the unmeasurable lengths her father dedicated to giving her mother a fairytale love every day.

Yazlyn’s infatuation with love guided her to become one of the most sought out Matchmakers in South Florida. Not only is she the go-to woman for all things love, but she has her own fairytale love story with the man that whisked her off her feet six years ago. The two have lived in such a bubble of bliss and utopia, that not even Yazlyn was prepared for the hurricane storm that tore down her veil of perfection. Now, she’s faced with a tough decision – Do I stay, or do I go?

What do you call a man that is wise above his years, strong-minded, determined, and sculpted in perfect chocolate? You call that man Kaalan Walker – a twenty-six-year-old who is returning back to his hometown after spending a year in Jamaica to handle some personal issues. Before he left the sunshine state, Kaalan was doing everything that young men his age do. Party, travel, and sow his wild oats. Now that he’s back, he’s ready to pick up where he left off, however, what he didn’t intend to pick up was strong feelings that immersed themselves within his heart for a burgundy locs matchmaker.

When it comes to Yazlyn, all is fair in love and war, and Kaalan stands by that oath. Regardless of the obstacles determined to keep them apart, Yazlyn and everyone else involved will quickly learn that when a man wants something, there is nothing or no one that can stop him from getting it.



Live at Five by Té Russ*

Olivia and David’s teenage love affair was ripped apart by circumstances beyond their control. A decade later, a bit of fate has brought them back into each other’s lives.

** This is a short story. If you prefer longer stories, please check out another Té Russ title



Worth The Risk by AC Taylor

“I can’t cross that line with you, Ausha. It will change everything for us.” —Messiah

After walking away from a bad relationship, Ausha is convinced that she needs to be alone—until Messiah Deveroe, the friend she’s tried so hard not to love, tempts her in a way that she can’t forget.

Messiah knows that he’s trouble, and he’s not interested in changing his ways. He’ll give a woman whatever she wants, as long as it doesn’t involve his heart. But when his feelings for Ausha grow faster than he can control, Messiah is forced to deal with the painful reality of his past—a past that he’s tried so hard to run away from.

What happens when running is no longer an option? Will Messiah give in to his heart, and put the past behind him? Or will he fall back into old habits, and sabotage his future with the one woman he truly loves?



Wait for your Love by AshleyNicole

How do you deal with a childhood crush that you never grew out of?
You don’t. You force it back to the far recesses of your mind and push through, but it’s never gone for long.
Dominique has been drooling over AJ since she was a child. Time and proximity have done nothing to tamp down on this puppy love crush that has developed into mature longing. All she wants is a little piece of something with him, that’s all, but when she gets that piece, will it be enough? Or is she willing to wait longer for his love?



Candy’s Corporate Crush (The Blackstone Family Book 4) by Tina Martin

A secret marriage, four overprotective brothers and an ex who needs closure equals a woman who needs a break from all the drama…

A past relationship kept her from wanting to love again, but Candice has found her ONE – Kurt Hempstead. Her secret, long-distance relationship with him keeps her free from her extremely overprotective brother’s, but Kurt is no longer willing to be in the shadows.

Candice has her reasons for not telling her family about him. She doesn’t want to hear their constant judgments about her life and her decisions. And the biggest reason of all – Kurt works for a rival company who wants to buy her father’s company, Blackstone Financial. The constant drama proves to be too much for her but only gets worse when she’s blackmailed into having dinner with her ex in order to save her father’s company from dissolution.

She wants love, she wants her father’s business to thrive and she wants her family to be happy. But can having it all cost you everything you have?

The Blackstone Series:
Book 1 – Evenings With Bryson (Bryson & Kalina)
Book 2 – Leaving Barringer (Barringer & Calista)
Book 2.5 – Forever Us: Barringer and Calista (Follow-up to Barringer & Calista)
Book 3 – The Things Everson Lost (Everson & June)
Book 4 – Candy’s Corporate Crush (Candice & Kurt)



Against Every Odd 2: Family Secrets by S.Shine

Avery’s world is turned upside down when a pregnant Khalia pops up unannounced. Her presence is enough to threaten everything Avery and De’nia have built, thus far. De’nia knew life with Avery was too good to be true. She needed some time away from Avery’s drama to gather herself. What was supposed to be a peaceful trip to Jamaica, turns out to be everything but a getaway. An innocent visit to her homeland leads to the unraveling of family secrets. De’nia soon finds herself back into Avery’s arms, putting his own family’s dysfunction aside to comfort her. When forced to reciprocate, De’nia questions what’s more important; her position in Avery’s life or her career. Love will bring them back together, but is their love strong enough to withhold every trial and tribulation? Avery and De’nia continue to go against every odd, but will they survive?



It’s Always Been You (Surrender to Love Book 5) by F.Y. Dawn

Single…to be or not to be, that is the question. Yes, a man in her life would be nice, but at what cost. Broke and cheap? No thanks. Manipulative and controlling? No thanks. Blind date? No thanks. Sizzling hot tall cup of black coffee? Absolutely! Candice could sip from Jason’s cup all day long. Being with him should be simple—boy meets girl, boy likes girl, girl likes boy—but reality is as cold hearted as a bill collector and comes a knocking just the same. It’s all too much to handle, but there’s nothing like muscles and a six pack wrapped in chocolate to make a woman get her life together.

Ten years is a long time to serve for something you didn’t do. Jason served every one of them, fighting for his life and praying for his sanity. Those battles were nothing compared to the one waiting for him on the outside. Creamy caramel goodness, with legs for days, lips made for kissing, and a head full of curls he wanted to sink his fingers in to. Too bad she has a man. Too bad the part of him that hasn’t been close to a woman in ten years doesn’t care.



Sin City Vows (Sin City Secrets Book 1) by Zuri Day

Childhood crush. Shrewd businessman. Billionaire playboy.

Totally off-limits.

Lauren Hart is escaping trouble, not starting more. But her new boss’s son, Christian Breedlove, is too tempting to resist. Christian wants no strings attached, so Lauren tries to ignore the simmering passion between them. But when the fiancé Lauren fled appears in Sin City, the runaway bride claims she’s married to Christian! Now their relationship is a tangled web…and only “I do” can fix it!



The Rancher’s Return by Kathy Douglass

“That’s all you have to say? You’re back now?”

Ten years ago, the love of Raven Reynolds’s life disappeared without a trace. Now Donovan Cordero is back, standing on her doorstep. Along the way, Raven had the rancher’s child—though he didn’t know she was pregnant! Now her prayers have been answered, but happily-ever-after feels further away than ever. Because how can she rebuild a life with her child’s father if she’s engaged to another man?



You’re All I Need (The Grants Brothers Book 2) by Deshon Dreamz

Love rarely asks permission to engulf you, most times it just happens.

Stephanie is a woman that puts all she has into everything she touches; from being a woman, mother, and her budding career as a Creative Director at JustUs Magazine. Her upbringing does not allow her to half step with anything in her path. This type of grind is what has gotten her to the position that she is in today.

After ending her sexual arrangement with the father of her child, she pledges to indulge in a lifestyle that would grant her access to reap the fruits of her labor. A chance encounter with a man that is a replica of her boss seems to be exactly what she needs to begin her journey of exploration.

Elliot Grant isn’t back home to play; he’s back home to make some serious decisions about his future and where the next leg of life will take him. What he doesn’t expect, is a woman to come into his life to make his decision making easy. Love was not an aspiration for Elliot, in fact, he made it a point to shut it down before those feelings could develop. He doesn’t see Stephanie coming, and before he knows it, she’s too deep to get out of his system.



Hearts Don’t Break Even 2 by Brix McQueen

Dating again wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.
With a man like Rashad, life was much simpler. Mornings were brighter. My evenings flowed smoothly and my nights were so peaceful. The worries I had were immediately put to ease with him. After our past heartbreaks, we both learned to not soak in our sorrows, but take the losses we endured and grow from them…together.
But, when something grows, it means a seed has to be planted first. Something so small that could ultimately blossom into the most beautiful of creations. That’s what I wanted our love to resemble, but of course, the universe had a way of causing a storm right before the sun shined.
I was willing to work through it all, but was Rashad? He too had his flaws, and not just his feelings to worry about. Sealing shattered hearts and mastering love again wasn’t a walk in the park that’s for sure. But, I had been willing to take this risk and only time would tell if it was worth it or not.



Temptation by Chiquita Dennie

Gabriel McCollough is the star basketball coach, Top draft pick that played in one season and retired from the game of basketball from a injury and the twenty-five-year-old alpha male every young woman in town can’t help but like.

Desiree Spence is a good teacher, a good person, a quiet, reserved soul, but a chance meeting with a handsome coach, ten years her junior, tests her limits and stirs up a controversy she could’ve ever anticipated.

He wants her. She wants him. Everyone in their lives is against their relationship.

Will they give into societal pressures or follow their hearts’ desires?



Engulfed In Your Love by Chelley


“They don’t have to understand our vision. We know that we’re meant for each other.” – Braylon Smith

Atoyia Brunson loved the ground that her long-time boyfriend Braylon Smith walked on, but her friends were convinced that she could do better. Conflicted between what her heart spoke, and what everyone else around her thought of their relationship, she threatens a love she’d always wanted with doubt.

Braylon was deemed a patient man until his love was put to an ultimate test. Discovering Atoyia has secrets that could ruin their devotion brings forth another side of him that she never fathomed existed.

With their love on the brink of destruction, will Atoyia fight for the man she loves? Or will she submit to the betrayal she’s committed?



Emerging From His Shadow by Leigh McKnight

Thomas Drake a prominent plastic surgeon and Dawn Drake his beautiful, stay at home wife had the perfect marriage that is until Dawn decided that she wanted more from life than just being Mrs. Thomas Drake. She wanted more, wanted satisfaction, wanted success. Would this rock the boat of an otherwise perfect union? Is it a real marriage if one person is completely satisfied with the marital dynamic and the other isn’t? In short, what can a wife expect when she emerges from her husband’s shadow?



Say He’ll Go Deeper (The BLP Say He Series Book 4) by India T. Norfleet

When Ryleigh Wright finds herself unlucky in love for what seems like the millionth time, she decides she’s done trying to nurse her broken heart back to good health and concludes that love just isn’t in the cards for her. An extremely handsome man enters her life and challenges her to see beyond her pain and get her to realize that maybe she’s given up on love too soon. Ryleigh begins to second guess everything she’s forced herself to believe…including the fact that the deeper he goes inside her, the harder it’ll be to make a sound decision where her heart is concerned…

Kingston “King” Lyons knew from the moment he laid eyes on Ryleigh that he wanted her with an urgency he’d never felt before. He has an indescribable hunger to wrap his arms around Ryleigh and slide into her deeply. The pleasure would leave her speechless, and Kingston sets out to do just that. Unfortunately, being in her presence is just as addictive, and it’s all he can think of and all he wants. But before he has a chance to spill his heart, mayhem is suddenly unleashed. Actions are called into question, and regret suddenly looms overhead, leaving behind doubt deep enough to drown in and scars painful enough to never heal.



For Brooklyn’s Love by Quinteese

Brooklyn Myers loves her best friends, Tessa and Laila. They are indeed, sisters. They’ve each been on a journey of self-discovery since graduating from college. After a year of struggling to find work in their fields, Brooklyn is the first to find her groove and take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. She writes a book called, Brooklyn’s Basement, based on the four years she spent in a sex trafficking ring and launches an online boutique called, Brooklyn’s Closet.

With Tessa and Laila as her business managers, things are starting to look up for them. Then, one cold weekend in the fall, she goes to a business conference hosted in downtown Philadelphia. There, she meets Barry Carter, a handsome businessman, and owner of Carter Sports Management & Consulting, a sports management company. They bump into each other at the food truck on their lunch break.

As they share their personal stories over lunch, Barry notices a sadness in Brooklyn that makes him want to explore her world. He listens to her heart and decides that even with his recent heartbreak, she’s worth pursuing. Months go on as Brooklyn and Barry get more acquainted, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, Barry decides that he wants Brooklyn to be more than his friend and will do anything to protect their newfound courtship. Just as their love journey goes deeper, Barry’s ex, Simone, shows up, begging him to take her back.

Brooklyn does her best to endure Simone’s antics, but after she’s confronted by Simone while working with a major client, she walks away, not caring that Barry can’t control Simone’s actions. She’s had enough. As weeks go by, Barry becomes more determined to fight for the woman he knows is meant to be his wife. He’ll do anything to get her back – even if it means he has to risk getting hurt again. Will Brooklyn realize that bumps and bruises come with real, God-fearing love or will she allow the past that haunts her to push away the man she knows God sent her way?



Between Friends: Lovers and Friends Book 1 by Xila Jaye

Hendrix and Cori were introduced by mutual friends, but they’ve already crossed paths.

He no longer feels worthy of love while she has washed her hands of it completely.

The secret they share has been buried for years until the two discover it might just be fate after all.

True love is proven to transcend time as opposites attract in this friends-to-lovers miniseries.

*This is a short work of fiction. If you prefer longer works, please check out Author Sam J.’s catalogue



Conflict of Interest by Darrin Lowery

Jordan Davis is an image consultant for Pro Athletes. He does damage control, branding, marketing and most of all he fixes problems when they arise. His worst client is All Pro Wide Receiver Terrell Cummings, a player with the potential to be a Hall of Famer on the field, but who keeps having character issues off the field.

Whitney Cummings, Terrell’s wife has always been aware of her husband’s indiscretions, but she had learned to turn a blind eye despite the fact that she was with him when he had nothing and helped to mold him into the man he is today. She has been a dutiful wife, mother, and she not only helped him manage his finances, she helped him study his playbook in both College and the Pros.

Everyone’s world is turned upside down when Terrell decides to bring his white mistress from the shadows into the light and parade her around in public for the press and all the world to see. Whitney is devastated, Jordan is tired of cleaning up behind Terrell, and to top things off, this is a contract year in which Terrell is seeking a Max deal of 122 Million dollars.

It’s Jordan’s job to fix this very public scandal. He begins by doing damage control and protecting the image of Whitney, Terrell’s wife, and their son Tevin who have been left to fend for themselves with the press. Although they have worked together in the past and Jordan has always thought Whitney was attractive, it’s not until he sees her working out that he realizes just how fine Whitney is. There is undeniable physical chemistry between Jordan and Whitney. Jordan was always curious and Whitney was too, but Whitney chose to honor her vows.

Vows that Terrell has broken.

The problem is the chemistry between Jordan and Whitney is also A Conflict of Interest!



Something Moore: A Moore to Love Novel by Eve Reasor

After her father’s death, Jaclyn Moore found out who her friends were and who just wanted to pal around with a Senator’s daughter. Watching her fiancé walk away almost destroyed her. That’s when she vowed, never to tie her identity or her livelihood to a man. Instead, she became a cordon bleu chef and opened a restaurant to prove she’s destined for something more than life as a rich man’s arm piece.

For casino magnate Dimitri Loucaz, the business deals and women crossing his path all seem like poor imitations of past conquests. Time to pursue the dream he’s had since foster care – to start his own family… and who better for his bride than sultry, political princess Jaclyn Moore. Only she’s not ready to give up her dreams to live in his shadow and Dimitri’s not willing to let anything come between them.



Get Me Bodied by Mesha Mesh

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness, heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of, and Nina Hartley is no exception. She’s the Queen B to MVG, sister to brothers, Glock, Calico, and Draco, and mother to her youngest sibling Naysa, and she’s fed up with her brothers and all around frustrated with life. Her sex life is null and void, and she’s extremely lonely. Whenever she does get a man willing to put her needs before anyone else her brothers waste no time to run them off, saying they aren’t good enough for her.

Nina’s life has to be private, and kept that way if she wants to maintain a long, healthy relationship, but who wants to live like that? Not Nina! Completely over it, Nina takes a spare of the moment trip with deep desires twisting her insides to relocate. She’s ready to blow St. Louis, leaving her family drama and painful past behind. In Dallas, the city where she lands to have fun, she meets a handsome entrepreneur by the name of Lucas and the two hit it off, both in the streets and the sheets. The only problem is no matter how far you run your troubles seem to always have a way of catching up to you, so Nina has to figure out what’s more important, her happiness or the happiness of her loved ones.

But how does she choose when destiny dealt her a blow that almost tore her world completely apart, and she’s the glue that’s still holding it together?



The Way You Lie: The Aftershock by Aubreé Pynn

The eye of the hurricane is peaceful
So much that we forget…
The worst part is on the way.

Asharia and Blaze are enjoying their peaceful life and counting down the days until their bundle of joy arrives. What they don’t know is that a seismic vibration is coming to offset the structure of their lives. Asharia thought that every door to her past life was closed, but the storm blows it open and quickly reminds her that it’s not over yet.

Alexia and Sebastian are in trouble and desperately searching for a way out. Pulling Asharia into their crosshairs again, her reaction to their mess shifts the atmosphere. With one shock after another, Alexia and Sebastian’s worlds are turned over, forcing them to take a hard look in the mirror.

Can Asharia and Blaze’s foundation stand the aftershock of Alexia and Sebastian’s deception, or will it crumble? Find out in The Way You Lie: The Aftershock.



Lady Guardians: Wyked by Chelle Ramsey

Romance columnist, Bristol Collins wants to heal her broken relationship with her fiancé, Joe after the loss of their daughter Camden. When she discovers treachery in her inner circle, she seeks solace in her professional life. Longing for more, she discovers within herself a secret passion to join The Lady Guardians, a strong, independent female motorcycle club. On her quest, she meets Rogue and one passionate night leads to more, and her search for freedom unlocks secrets in her life and his.
Firefighter, Maxwell “Rogue” Emerson loves his bike and his music, but lately he’s wanted one thing. One night with the beautiful but broken-hearted vixen named Wyked, has him wanting more than he’s allowed himself to dream of in the last five years.
When Wyked and Rogue join forces his love frees her to explore the woman she wants to be and uncover the woman she is destined to become. Will their love be strong enough to give her the healing she desires, even after she learns the truth about Rogue?



Late Bloomer by Lisa K. Stephenson

Late Bloomer is Lisa K. Stephenson’s newest romance novel introducing Noel-Lee Kwon. Noel is a hardworking, eclectic, free-spirited bachelorette. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree, she embarks on a journey outside of her hometown of Seattle, Washington. Living single and dancing in the dating pool is proving itself to be rather exciting, however, with her thirties beginning to rear its ugly head, Noel finds herself at a cross-road. Should she settle down and become the woman society says she should be at her age: a loving mother and nurturing wife? Or, should she continue on her path avoiding the responsibility of family all together? Well, those questions got answered when she found herself smitten by a man, she had least expected. But will he be enough to satiate her desires?



Borderline by Bien-Aime Wenda

The dating world is hard enough as it is.

Meet Natasha Murphy: a 30-something serial-dater secretly coping with a mental health disorder.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
*Featured author at Girl, Have You Met… the Mid-South!  Register here to meet them and a host of other black romance authors this April in Memphis!

New Release Round-Up February 25th-March 3rd

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