Tawfiq has been dating Benazir—more like wasting her time—for the past three years. As a full-time blogger who focuses on love and relationships, Benazir often wonders how it is so easy to give others advice while her own relationship struggles to stay afloat.

While some relationships bend under the pressure of infidelity, that isn’t the case for Tawfiq and Benazir. A previous relationship that left Tawfiq scarred, coupled with unresolved issues with his mother, have left him with a crippling fear of commitment.

Benazir is hopeful that things will work out—she isn’t ready to accept anything else. Knowing Tawfiq’s capability to be the perfect mate, her love for him won’t allow her to quit, but just when it seems they’re on one accord, his commitment issues cause him to push her away just as quickly as he reeled her in. On the brink of dismantling their attachment, Benazir is faced with the decision to stick it out or leave the love of her life behind.

What happens when love is inevitable, but commitment is out of reach? Will Tawfiq finally get over his fears and commit to Benazir? Or, will his fear of commitment be the driving force that tears them apart?


New Release Spotlight – You Don’t Deserve My Love, by Nychol Munroe

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