Keva Jamison has lusted after her brother’s best friend, Damarion, for years. When they finally hook up, her lust turned love consumes her thoughts and all that she can think about is being with him. The dilemma…Keva has a man and doesn’t know how to tell him that she’d rather be with someone else.

Damarion Sanders is the ultimate bachelor and in no rush to settle down. He’s been in a situationship for several months but only because he can’t have who he really desires. But after succumbing to his attraction to Keva, his best friend’s sister, making her his forever is the only thing on his mind, except…he promised his best friend that he’d stay away from Keva.

Will Keva and Damarion find a way to be together? Will Keva risk her relationship and take a chance on giving Damarion all of her love? Will Damarion break the promise he made to his best friend and risk eighteen years of friendship for the woman he’s come to love?

New Release Spotlight – I’d Rather Be With You, by Kay Shanee

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