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Lessons In Love (Bantu Academy Series Book 1) by D. Camille

Two stories…One book…

A Lesson in Romance
Leslie Benson has had a traumatic life. After being confined to a wheelchair for ten years, she’s now starting a new life. With a new outlook, and a new position at the Bantu Academy, she finds a god sent from the heavens…in the form of the new Black History teacher.

A Lesson in Seduction
Kenya Barrett has taught at the Bantu Academy for years, and had her share of work ‘relationships’. Not looking to start another, she’s focused on her job and doing what she loves most. That is, until the new Guidance Counselor arrives, and he schools the beautiful teacher.

*NOTE: BANTU ACADEMY is a spin-off of The Creator’s Series with characters initially introduced in that series.



Coveted (Eternally Tethered Book 2) by Christina C. Jones*

For as long as she can remember, Ancelin has felt as if she were living a life not her own – confined to an ill-fitting, somewhat empty existence. One she’d come to terms with.
Now though, something is wrong.
She can’t see it, she can’t touch it, but something sinister is there, lurking in the shadows, determined to consume her… if she lets it.
Ancelin loves the paranormal, the fairy tales, the dark fantasies she’s read about in books and watched on a screen – all the things her sister wishes Ancelin would stop insisting were more than stories.
But what if they really are?
What if this is the story, and something – someone – is waiting on the chance to drag her back to real life?

(Coveted is a paranormal romance, ending in a cliffhanger that leads into the next book of the series, which will follow a different couple. It is a novella, roughly the same length as “Haunted”, which you are highly encouraged to read (or re-read) first.)



An Unexpected Love: A Graham Family Series by TJ Omotayo

With his smooth chocolate skin, muscular build, and broad shoulders, Benjamin Graham has never had a problem attracting women. After a near miss in college, God has changed his life and now he is completely sold out for the Lord. Still single at thirty-seven, he has become content with his predictable life. Until a few chance encounters with the fiery Cynthia changes his outlook.

Cynthia Stewart has always been a curvy girl, so she’s used to the unflattering comments. After having more than her fair share of bad relationships, her self-esteem has taken too many hits. She turns her entire focus on her career and her relationship with God. Underneath the surface lies the truth: her heart is damaged and locked behind closed doors. Right when she has sworn off all men, Mr. Graham tries to win the key.

Will Cynthia put down her guard to let love in or will Benjamin have to pick the lock?



Endless Love (All or Nothing Book 3) by Nyora René

From the very beginning, Jacob Jones III knew when he saw Milena “Lena” Martin in class that she would be the one for him. Too bad she won’t give him the time of day. In Lena’s opinion, Jacob is a rich playboy and she wants nothing to do with him. But after being thrown together for a project in school, Lena gets to know Jacob and they fall in love.

Seven years in, they’ve created a wonderful life together. They have everything they could want, but life throws them a curve ball—one they didn’t think would happen. As they navigate these new waters, Jacob and Lena discover new facets of themselves and learn the true meaning of what it means to love.



The Way Home by LaShonda Bowman

Raashad Roth doesn’t believe in God, much less, a God who answers prayers. And why should he? Hard work and a drive to succeed have afforded him everything he could ever want.

Or, so he thought.

Right when his picture-perfect life begins to unravel, he meets Keyana Dixon––an effervescent beauty who just happens to know how to get a prayer through.

And though he hates to admit it, a personal prayer warrior is just what Raashad needs, because when his traumatic past comes back to haunt him, it does so with a vengeance.

But if Raashad is willing to accept the love Keyana––and God––want to give him, he’ll learn Jesus not only mends broken hearts, He leads them home, too.



A Love So New (Moore Friends Book 2) by Celeste Granger

“This is not the end of us.”

That’s the promise Elijah Sinclair made to Lynette Jones when the clock struck midnight, ringing in the new year.

Would Elijah keep his promise?

note: This is the conclusion to Something New, which should be read before reading A Love So New!



Crashing In On Love (Vacation Love Series Book 1) by Taylor Love

After crashing a wedding in Jamaica can two strangers find love?

Tamara Reed spends her days seeing the worst that love has to offer as a divorce lawyer. Yet she still finds herself drawn to weddings and a secret part of her heart still believes in love. Crashing a wedding while on a much needed vacation, finds her meeting a tempting man. He not only catches her attention but sets her blood on fire. After an intense night with him, she sneaks home to forget the vacation fling. That’s easier said than done, as memories keep her up at night and her vacation boo tracks her down. Is she ready to take a chance on love?

Benjamin Thompson went on vacation for a little work and a lot of relaxation. Who knew when he took a detour to watch a random wedding he’d get a chance to “play” as well. The woman he meets takes his breath away and knocks his socks off in the sheets. Barely exchanging any info before having the wildest sex of his life, he wakes up to find his sexy siren gone. Hooked after one taste, he tracks Tamara down only to find that she wants to keep their passionate night a onetime deal. As a successful Realtor, he’s accustomed to hard sells. But he’s determined to close this deal no matter what it takes.



Used to Know Her by A. Bryant

Zoey used to know who she was. She knew what she wanted and didn’t want, who her family was, and most importantly what her future would hold – until she met Trey Lowe. Trey turns her life upside down in ways Zoey doesn’t expect and makes Zoey realize she doesn’t know a thing about who she truly is. This is a story of a young woman finding out the truth about herself and love.

Trey is an adrenaline junky. He takes calculated risks and enjoys every minute of it. Then he met Zoey and didn’t think someone could turn his entire life and heart upside down. He had his whole life planned and it didn’t include being responsible for another woman. Join Trey and Zoey on a journey towards happiness, love, and self-discovery. Will their journeys pull them together permanently or push them apart once they realize who they truly are?

Please note: This is book one of a series. Each book features a different couple with updates on previous characters. Sexual content included.



She Loves Me: She Loves Me Not by Dominique Nikail

Chocolate Andrews perceives to live a non-complicated life, but it’s anything but, to say the least. After a traumatizing incident she finds it harder to hide both of her scandalous, double lives from those around her. Chocolate conceals her dominate roles as a side chick by day and jack girl by night from her friends, Chardonnay, Rose, and boy toy, Luxe. When Valentine’s day rolls around, Chocolate discovers that betrayal is best served unexpected and loyalty is rare.
Luxe gets a glimpse of love. It’s staring him right in the face, yet something holds him back from embracing his happiness. Chocolate is everything he desires in a woman. However, sometimes she leaves him confused. In one minute, she shows affection for him, and in the next, she’s being secretive. After realizing he can’t run from love, he puts his best foot forward and decides to be with Chocolate, wanting to make it official. However, things soon begin to unravel right before his very eyes.

With choices to be made, relationships in a fray, and lives on the line, it will only be a matter of time before they’ll truly find out if She Loves Me or She Loves Me Not.



Valentine Rush: A Holiday Teaser by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Trapped due to a snowstorm, Naomi Scott and Bryce Fitzpatrick continue to battle out their litigation case with no end in sight. But when neither of them can shake memories of their love together, that fight turns into an uninhibited passion that could ignite a fire and reunite them for a lifetime.



A Case of Love (Wiley Brothers Book 6) by Brenda Barrett

Love and Romance came with Drama, and Case was having none of it.

Case Wiley married Lyla Martinez to rescue her from a life of prostitution. It was with the understanding that he would eventually set her free and he would move on with his life. He hadn’t seen Lyla since that fateful event seven years ago, and he was all set to annul their marriage. He even asked Fifi Daniels, the popular evangelist, to marry him.

And then he saw Lyla again. His wife was all grown up and desirable, and despite his conviction that he would have nothing to do with romance, suddenly he was not so keen on setting Lyla free…



Meant for your Love by AshleyNicole

How long does it take to fall in love?
It most certainly can’t happen in one night… Can it?
A one night stand, an engagement and a wedding, all within the space between New Year’s and Valentine’s day.
Could it be love? If so, is it meant to be?



A Senful Wedding (A Senful Holiday Book 2) by BriAnn Danae

In life there is one thing Sen has learned to master; not every action deserves a reaction. In he and Neicey’s case, those aren’t the words he’s willing to abide by. In the months leading up to their wedding, tragedy blindsides the crew. At such a pivotal time in all of their lives, the crew struggles to find solid ground.
With loving a woman as headstrong as Neicey, Sen knew it’d come with a few battles. Some he thought they’d already won. The type of commitment this hothead couple shares is not one to try and mimic. It’s the purest, most organic, and comical relationship of its kind. Pride aside, Sen and Neicey embark upon a new, lifelong journey of what it means to share, build, and expand their lives after falling in love.



Until You Were Mine (A Formidable Love Book 2) by ShanicexLola

“I was certain I knew what I wanted… until you were mine.” —Aumora Puri

Aumora Puri’s most complicated secret has come forth with vengeance. Just when she thought she had it all figured out, karma erupted in a brutal, unexpected fashion. A video of her betrayal surfaced and brought her to her knees at the mercy of the man she truly loved. With her back against the wall, she’s trapped with the decision to drop the ball and escape the turmoil, or fight for the love of her life.

Kingston Neill was the ultimate package. As a man who preferred to take charge and lead, he willingly took care of Aumora’s every superficial want and need. The ruthless discovery of his lover seeking attention elsewhere took a shot at his manhood. Kingston’s livelihood was placed on the line, and being faced with the unforgivable was a hard vision to shake. Flustered at the impudent realization of Aumora’s deception, Kingston finds himself stuck in place, mentally impaired on what to do next.

In the final installment of A Formidable Love, deciding whether to hold on or let go of the one you love becomes a daunting task for Aumora and Kingston.



Our Love Rekindled by Monae Nicole

!!This is a novelette!!

“Valentine’s Day sucks!” That’s been Symone’s motto for the last couple of years. She’s given up on love and everything associated with it but what happens when she reunites with someone from her past that’s determined to change that.

Ivan is a hopeless romantic who wants nothing more than to be in love with one woman who’s worth his time. When he runs into his first love after not seeing her for many years, he’s determined to show her he never stopped loving her.

Will these two rekindle a flame they thought burned out years ago or will they continue to let it fizzle.



Playing to Win (Games Lovers Play Book 2) by Danielle Burton

Flat broke and on the run from past mistakes, the last place Ariana expected to end up is on the doorstep of Alonzo Shaw.

The man who broke her heart.

The man she’s supposed to hate.

But with no where left to turn, she must face the feelings she’s been running from since college.

After two years without a word, Ariana is the last person Zo expects to ask for his help.

She’s his greatest regret.

He told himself he was done chasing her.

But having her in his space is drudging up old feelings that he never truly let go.

Is this his seconds chance?

Can he hold on to her this time?

Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure. This time…

He’s playing to win.



Sexy as Sin by Michele David

Tamika Shaffer moved from New York to Miami. She is running from a bad relationship—a man who is obsessed with her even after she breaks up with him. In New York, she becomes friends with hot firemen and is invited to a night out. While there, she realizes that Willis, her ex, has tailed her to the pub, and she decides to put him off by flirting with the two firemen.

It all starts out as a joke and they end up going further than Tamika had intended, having sex, as Willis watches. Ryan Williams and Chris Walker are hot black guys that are also gifted when it comes to protecting her and giving her sexual pleasure. They take her to another planet and in the morning, she gets a scare when she realizes Ryan is stuck in a fire. Now she has to get there, find out if he is hurt, and discover what she really feels for Ryan.

WARNING: This book contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!



Freak’N You by D’Ashanta

“Treat these dudes like last season’s shoes” was the motto that Legend Jones lived by. Aspiring attorney by day and devilish seductress by night, she wasn’t openly looking for love. She was more or less looking for someone to toy around with until the ice around her heart is chipped away. When new hotshot attorney, Zaelen Pitt enters the firm, Legend finds herself enthralled in a battle between the lustful desire that she holds within and her devilish nature.

Zaelen, has always gotten what he wants and Mrs. Untouchable, aka Legend, is who he wants. Not discouraged by her hard-to-get persona, he’s turned on by the cat-and-mouse game. He conjures a plan to conquer her, until his past comes calling with a vengeance. After having the wind knocked out of him, he’s left questioning everything he’s ever done.

Will Legend and Zaelen make it past their wild passion for one another, or will they both become victims of the rampant flames?



Only if You let Me by Monica Walters

Failure isn’t what comes to mind when one thinks of marriage. Ansley Malveaux surely thought her life was perfect. Being married with three beautiful kids, and a job she loved, was the life she’d always dreamed of. Unfortunately, after seven years, her marriage had become just that – a failure. Learning to navigate through her new life as a single mother is exhausting and takes her on an emotional journey she isn’t ready for, especially after meeting Jayden Young. Fear of moving on has her frozen in space, but Jayden is threatening to melt her heart at every turn.

Being in love with a woman that isn’t in love with him is the worst feeling ever for Jayden Young. Ansley has put him in the friend zone and he’s patiently waited for her to change her mind. His whole mission is to help her rebuild her trust in men and love, by showing her he’s trustworthy to handle her fragile heart.

As if life doesn’t have enough challenges of its own, Ansley and Jayden find themselves in avoidable situations. Situations that, if they would only be true to themselves and each other, wouldn’t arise. Ansley pushes against Jayden’s every attempt at loving her, and at some point, wonders if he’ll ever grow tired of her rejection. Will they finally work through the fears that cripple their blossoming relationship and threaten to dismantle their friendship? Or will they choose to stop fighting for love and let their fears prevail?



Never Too Much (The New Money Girls Book 2) by Jimi Gaillard-Jefferson

Can you have too much of a good thing? 

Nadia has done it. She’s found love with Mr and Mrs. Why isn’t that enough? Why does she feel drawn to another man?

Delia has graduated, has a thriving business, has her sisters, has a man-a professional athlete. Why are her sisters warning her away from him? Why won’t they let her be happy?

Zion has Cahir again and he’s promised his love is forever. But that isn’t enough, isn’t right. Zion has a plan to fix them but first she’ll have to destroy them and everything they’ve built.

The New Money Girls have it all. Money, successful careers, love, great sex. But is that enough? Can they be satisfied with happily ever after? 



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!
*Featured author at Girl, Have You Met… the Mid-South!  Register here to meet them and a host of other black romance authors this April in Memphis!

New Release Round-Up February 18th-24th

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