When Khara Therin, the young queen of a small island nation is mistaken for her assistant by the sexiest man she’s ever met, she seizes the opportunity to be anonymous. Joshua Riddick keeps the secrets of his troubled past buried deep and, even though there’s no room for messy emotion in his carefully ordered world, he has a hard time keeping things light with the feisty and intriguing Queen’s assistant, Khara. Unbeknownst to the two of them, a powerful enemy is moving against Khara, determined to end not only her reign, but her very life. With the clock ticking and everything to lose, Riddick and Khara discover the one thing they never expected to find. But will they live long enough to act on it?

International Incident is the first half of the Queen’s Heart duet, as part of the Destination: Lytua series. Part 2 will be released on 1/1/24. Look for Book 3 in Spring 2024!


Pre-Order Spotlight – International Incident (Destination: Lytua Book 1), by Nikki Davenport

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