Prince Menelik returns home from visiting his father when he sees an army of Nubian warriors attacking his Red Sea trade route. He and his army use the mystical powers of the Ark of the Covenant, stolen from his father’s temple, to strengthen his army and defeat the Nubian invaders. After the dust has settled, Menelik finds that the beautiful Princess Zula of Adulis has captured his heart. He must have the sensuous enchantress who has sworn to destroy him for her father’s death. Menelik will risk life itself to nurture a passion born in the heat of hatred and war.

Princess Zula fights the Nubian warriors as they storm through her beloved village. Menelik is the last man standing when her father is killed right before her eyes. She burns with hatred for the handsome warrior and vows to destroy him.


Pre-Order Spotlight – Menelik and the Lost Ark (Lion of Judah Book 2), by Janice L. Dennie

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