In this new edition, the author dealt with infidelity and focused on a couple dealing with the parts of that overwhelming process. The story was very emotional and real. Keeva Abernathy’s husband had a weak moment and cheated on her. Fifteen years is a long time to deal with the possible loss of a relationship. When the couple met, it was like two peas in a pod. Everyone knew they would be together, but when Kerem’s judgment clouded his head and caused him to make a poor decision. I wasn’t ready to “throw the baby out with the bathwater,” as the old saying goes. It took soul searching on his part to see how his actions caused a shitstorm to ignite within his once stable relationship with his wife. The story took readers on a highly emotional rollercoaster, that led to the right decision for this couple in the end. The counseling sessions in this story felt like the real stuff. JD and Elise, as the counselors handled their part in this story magically. And it’s always nice to see the Bluettes any time that we see them again. Whew! The story was magnificent. 5 Stars.

Review – Trusting the Process (The Valentine Law Series Book 3), by Bailey West

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