They come from two different worlds, but when the heart is involved nothing else matters.

Entrepreneur Noah Chambers, aka Mr. Black Atlanta, always gets what he wants. So when he falls in love with Genesis Savell and asks her to marry him, he’s certain she’ll say yes. She doesn’t. Instead, she insists they take a break from each other. That’s when Noah knows there’s something else going on, and he has every intention of finding out what.

Dating Noah, the owner of the company she works at, wasn’t one of her best decisions. But falling in love with him is even worse. Genesis is in the midst of planning his company’s annual Juneteenth Gala and Silent Auction charity event, but her past comes back to haunt her. Instead of focusing on the gala, her attention is hopelessly divided between two men. One who she loves more than life. The other—the man who saved her life years ago. Yet, when her world spins out of control, there’s no question who she’ll call for help—Mr. One and Only—Noah. But is it too late?


Pre-Order Spotlight – Mr. One and Only: Baes of Juneteenth, by Sharon C. Cooper

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