Yvette Richardson loved Tarik Hunter for more years than she chose to acknowledge. She tired of their living without a commitment situation. So Yvette decided to take matters in her hands and tried to force Tarik to see things her way. Her way was to give him 6 weeks to make a commitment to her, or she planned to move on with her life without him. In true man fashion, Tarik was not happy about the ultimatum and started to devise a way around his dilemma. He was not ready to get married and was pleased with their arrangement as it was. Many parents always say, “why buy the cow if the milk was free?” Maybe that was his viewpoint. Tarik had no inspiration to marry Yvette because he had the benefits of marriage without the entanglement papers. I started to feel bad for Tarik because it was clear he was a replica of foolishness personified. So what was more important to him, sticking to his guns or keeping the love of his life? Yvette had to stand her ground even against her own desires as they were pushed to the limit. Ta da! Tarik came to his senses, and they lived happily ever after. Give the story a try, it was a good read. 4.0 stars.

Review – 6 Weeks (Crimson Nights Book 2), by Keina Daniece

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