Although it’s a reasonable distance past the Thanksgiving season, this book is well worth reading during the almost spring season. The book focuses on the Brooks family and the next generation of leaders. The story featured NBA star Jason Whitfield and Taylor Brooks the daughter of Vernon Brooks. Taylor is the singing sensation in the family and having a time finding her place in the music industry. Her relationship with Jason explored their love connection a bit, but I’m feeling a revisit with them later in a follow-up story. In other areas of the story, James Brooks Jr. made a pivotal announcement regarding his plans for law school and his desire for his want-ta-be wife. His decision met with resistance from his parents. The other delightfulness for the story was Vernon Brooks and Rene Navarone’s wedding. Vernon and Rene are the power couple in business, and romantic-wise we all should aspire to be in life with our significant others.
The author always parlays romantic suspense worth every page turn and her insightful storytelling skills. Excitedly, in this story, a few of the regulars from the original Heart Series had high profile roles. A situation that needed the attention from a high ranking official closely associated with President J.D. Harrison stepped in. Then there was the sighting of Al ‘Turk’ Day. Swooning as I say this, Joshua, James Brooks Sr, and other Brooks and Lassiter family members brought the Alpha into the mix. The story was a beautiful narrative for the holiday season, yet it will be an incredible take any time. The wedding of the year during this story was yet another allure to follow the author’s characters. The Brooks, Lassiter, and the ancillary characters add to the mystic surrounding the excellent, and captivating storytelling by this author. 5 stars!

Review – The Brooks’ Thanksgiving, by Iris Bolling

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