Asia Monique has written a few novels that caught my eye. In this story, the title drew my initial attraction, and the story kept my focus. The start of the story and the way the characters developed as it unfolded was well-executed. Ruby was the youngest of three siblings and a sassy sistah. She was a student at the University of Michigan with her childhood friends. When her man Raheem gave her a fake ultimatum about moving with him to California; she passed on the offer initially. When Ruby later followed through with Raheem’s proposal, she found out he was a piece of poo. I did not understand why this fool asked her to come if he really didn’t want her to be his girl. After the big fiasco, she chose to stay in California to get her nursing license. A few years later Ruby runs into an old fling, who’d become a doctor and kind of still held a torch for her. Dr. Hendrix James was happy to help Ruby get over a spurned lover. The time frame between them reconnecting and their rekindled love was a short period, but anything is possible with a past relationship in tow. Especially when they once had feelings for one another. All he asked her to do was to allow him to love her. The story was a good read. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Allow Me to Love You, by Asia Monique

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