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The Love We Share: A Friends to Lovers Story (The Love Series Book 3) by B. Love

When Roux is betrayed by an ex that she thought she could trust, her best friend, Kai, decides to take matters into his own hands. Convinced that he knows her well enough to find the perfect man for her, Kai gets Roux to agree to letting him set up dates for her until Valentine’s Day. He promises, that on that day, he will present the perfect man for her.

As best friends, and members of the same band, they have a lot riding on this deal. If it goes left, a lot of things and relationships can be destroyed. Even with that truth, Roux trusts Kai with her heart during the process to find the man for her. It’s just… that… neither of them considered Kai could have been that man all along.

Please note: This is a 16,000-word novella that finalizes the “The Love” series.


If You Trust Me (Harmony Heights Book 2) by Danielle Burton

Ivy Fleming hasn’t had the easiest life. It’s hard to with both emotional and physical scars from a painful childhood. But with the support and guidance of her adopted family she stands strong. Even still, it does little to chase away her fears. Ones that have led her, at twenty-one, to never have kissed a guy.

Though there’s only one she wants to.

Trevor Knight’s life was easy until it wasn’t. After a tragic loss his family is being held together with tape and glue. The loss changed him. In some ways, for the good. Others, not so much. He doesn’t have the best track record with women, which has earned him a not so wholesome nickname.

When he sets his sights on Ivy, shy, awkward, and never been kissed, the error of his ways is blinding.

Can two total opposites find away to make their broken pieces fit together?



A Silenced Gift (Unapologetically Me Book 2) by Danesha Little

Fatima Ward is living a life beyond anything she could have imagined. She is preparing for the release of her first book while also trying to plan her wedding to Hip-Hop superstar, Jaren “Jericho” Young. Her fairytale is turned upside down when her health forces her to question everything about her future.

At the height of his career, Jaren Young is about to embark on his first solo headlining tour. When his label pushes an up-and-coming female artist as his opening act, he is faced with new pressures that could destroy everything he’s worked so hard to build.

From their unorthodox meeting up until their unexpected engagement, Jaren and Fatima have overcome many challenges as a couple. Now that they are ready to focus on their future together, nothing could’ve prepared them for the storms ahead.



The Allure of You: Harmony & Remi (The Allure of You Series Book 2) by Sidni B. 

After the events in Mexico, Harmony and Remington are both determined to return back to their every day lives as if nothing ever happened. Persistent thoughts of one another derail their plans almost immediately, and a touch of fate forces them into a situation where avoiding one another is next to impossible.

Torn between doing what’s right for his family and living for himself, Remi walks a dangerous line as he grows to crave Harmony’s presence no matter how dire the consequences.

Harmony’s need to escape the mounting pressure caused by unresolved issues in her personal life sways her to accept an unusual proposal from Remington, a proposal that very well might end with her losing her heart.

Alicia stumbles upon a potential love interest in a forbidden place, though that doesn’t staunch her determination to win Remington for herself. Desperate to please her father, Alicia will stop at nothing to ensure she lands the man no matter who she has to step on in the process.

**This is book two in a five part series. Each book (excluding the novella) is written as a standalone and will focus on a central couple with bits and pieces of the others.**



Before I Let Go: Carmen & Troy (The King Sisters Series Book 3) by G. Fife

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. -Unknown

In the finale of The King Sisters Series, we find our beloved couple Carmen and Troy Black still madly in love after twelve years of marriage. Having defied the odds of staying together after losing their firstborn, they’ve recommitted themselves to each other creating their very own perfect love story.

When photographer Troy Black is called to work on a project with news anchor Zya Chase, he jumps at the opportunity. Troy is no stranger to beautiful women throwing themselves at him, but his love for Carmen is steadfast. After two weeks alone with Zya in DC, Troy finds himself way too aware of her beauty, and she challenges him on his feelings for her. They are compatible in a way he hasn’t been with another woman, not even Carmen.

The eldest King sister, Carmen King-Black, is free spirited, loyal, and she loves her family. She’s created a life that her sisters admire, and the love between her and her husband is a storybook love affair. Troy’s sudden distance has Carmen wondering why, but when Troy and Zya are linked together in the media, Carmen is left questioning the future of her marriage.

Did things go too far?



Line to My Heart by C. Monet

A ‘Good Morning, Beautiful’ text has the potential to kick start a glorious relationship. Often times it’s the first sign that you may be dealing with a true gentleman. It just so happens that Ignacio Porter created a new wave of alarm systems with women in mind. What started out as a joke among friends has turned him into a millionaire with clients stretching across the world. Women are signing up in droves to receive what Charlotte Wright thinks is a sure sign of desperation, a call in the morning from a man you don’t know.

Ignacio is about his business and believes in structure and boundaries. When one employee threatens that structure, he is forced to fire him and take over his clients until he can be replaced. Charlotte is in his sights, but it would make him a hypocrite and that title doesn’t fit him well.

Charlotte is a divorce attorney, single mother, and on the verge of losing her run for partner with her carefree attitude towards attendance. A trusted friend signs her up unbeknownst to her and she is left to decide if she will become a part of the desperate tribe or allow it to change her life in a major way.

A hot fling is not her idea of romance but after one phone call its clear to both Ignacio and Charlotte that they may have sparked something with a simple good morning. But obstacles arise when the true colors are exposed by outside influences. Is love on the line for Charlotte and Ignacio? Or will rules not meant to be broken cause them to disconnect?



Graced After the Pain (The Powers Series Rebirth Book 1) by Danyelle Scroggins

Felecia and Dean has like most couples, experienced their share of pain. Especially, when their marriage was almost destroyed by her acts of jealousy and a jealous rage that caused him to finally decide to leave. The pain was almost too much for them both to bear. But with the help of their church family, they were able to turn things around.
They’ve managed to get back to a safe place in their marriage. But for Felecia, it seems that life and a secret has threatened to disrupt their happy marriage and home again.
Dean, understands one thing…he never wants to put his wife in a position of her past. It’s his job to take care of her physically, mentally, and spiritually. And when it seems that his way of protecting her, was done deceit to him, but not in order, he prays that grace will cover them from going back to their place of pain.
Will Felecia find sufficient grace to forgive and understand? Or will she step back into the pain of her past, failing to remember—they both have been sufficiently graced after the pain?



Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love 2 by Aubreé Pynn

Indigo is back but his spirit is heavy and everything he thought he knew including himself is different. After being pulled back into South Central he quickly realizes that the life he once knew is too much to take in at once. But everyone needs him. With the help of his brother and his best friend, Indigo has to find his footing again and everything he once lived for.

At the center of Indigo’s quest back to himself is Taj. She was his reason to live but her reasoning has been lost. Believing that her heart was buried with him, she’s battling what she wants now and what she can have. Unable to fully let Indigo go, she finds herself giving into the current that’s pushing her into the arms of another man. The tighter she holds on to Indigo the more difficult life tends to get.

Will the fate for Indigo and Taj be sealed by the elapsed time spent apart and the secrets that linger?

Find out in Indigo Haze: Thug Love is the Best Love Part 2.





A Gentle Heart II (Heart Series Book 12) by Vivian Rose Lee

Robin Dillon was sick of the same ole, same ole issue with Jared “Jet Arm” Grant: Marriage. The couple was always the topic of discussion lately on the subject of forever after. Even though the words of marriage never left her mouth, Jay felt she was behind all of the marriage inquiries from their families. Robin grew tired of the accusations and called for a split. Jay needed to get ahold of his issues before she even considered taking him back. Plus, she had a stalker on her tail.

Jay couldn’t believe Robin had the gall to break up with him. Yeah, he had issues, but he’d be damned if he would be pressured into marriage. After the emotional job his “ex” and mother did to his head, he honestly didn’t fully trust Robin either. Of course he loved her, but what did “love have to do with it?” He would soon get his answers when his wall comes tumbling down….


Craving His Curve by India T. Norfleet

Breesha Webster never would’ve guessed that a stop on her way home one night after work would change the course of her life. The charmer of a man who enters her world that night seemed to be the best thing to ever happen to her. When an unexpected world wind romance injects her with a high she never knew existed, Breesha develops a craving for a feeling as profound as his name and most addictively, his curve. While riding high on the moment, amongst other things, Breesha is convinced that life just can’t get any better. But when a series of unfortunate events begin to plague her, she’s certain that life can’t get any worse and that the night she met Sincere was the biggest mistake of her life. Will Sincere get her to see otherwise before it’s too late?

For the first time in his life, Sincere Asher is ready to happily give up every single one of his screw and ditch chicks for the stunning Breesha Webster. From the moment they met, Sincere was completely captivated and thoroughly intrigued by every inch of her. The more he is granted the pleasure of experiencing Breesha, he’s convinced she’s the one he’s ready to bet on love with. Before long, Sincere is ready to give Breesha the world. Only, before he has a chance to present it to her, a hailstorm of chaos rips through the only paradise he’s ever known, and leaves pieces of his heart scattered among the ruins. Will Breesha still find him worthy of her love and the heartbeat between her thighs or will she wipe the soles of her stilettos on his brokenness as she walks out of his life forever?



Is This How Love Feels: Raevynn & Sam’s Story by R. Steffani

Raevynn Chambers is getting in the groove of living her free and Zen life, using it to cope with her problems that brought her down to her knees and broke her. Her problems? Loving a man she feels will never love her the way she loves him, but is too scared to let him go. Sam Bradshaw, her first love is the only man that has the power to change everything she has worked hard for, the power to break her again. Making the decision to walk away from him broke her down to her knees the last time, will she be willing to hear him out or will she continue to do what is best for her and stay away?
Sam has everything a young successful man could wish for, right? The wife, the kid and one on the way. But since he didn’t make those decisions on his own, is it really worth it? How can he be happy living with a woman that he really can’t stand? In trying to make everyone else happy, will he miss out on his own happiness?
Find out what happens when you have to watch the one you love, love someone else and you are left to pick up the pieces of your broken heart all alone also watch how the lies and twists and turns make everyone’s head spin.



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New Release Round-Up August 5th-11th

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