The story was like a new adventure with a friend.  A trip to the beautiful blue waters of Jamaica for a little relaxation sounds like just what the doctor ordered.  Ms. Crooks delivered an excellent story featuring Kenya Burrows and her former lover Maurice Pharris. Kenya was expected to attend her best friend’s destination wedding, but catch in this plan was Maurice would be attending the festivities as well. So, how was Kenya supposed to enjoy the wedding events and festivities with her ex in attendance?  Here’s an idea – use him as a boy toy, try to get him out of your system with some good loving. See, I solved the problem.  Although for some reason, she didn’t plan to be with her old flame in earnest, it was fate that brought them back together. And fortune was on Maurice’s side to get the opportunity to shoot his shot and hopefully hit his target dead center. The emotional changes this couple went through was a small part of the story. The better parts had more to do with the couple reconnecting and making them a viable candidate for an island romance. Maurice was anxious to get to the island to see Kenya with high hopes of getting her to see how much he still cared for her.  The wedding was the ideal situation to give him the chance to get Kenya to fall in love with him all over again. The couple took a long route to get back to their ultimate life. I suggest you give this author a try, her body of work is slightly varied, you’ll find a good read or four. The story was an idyllically good read. 4.5 Stars.

Review – Almost Paradise, by Trina Crooks

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