Many of you guys know I’ve been rocking with Christina since the Spring of 2014. She’d just completed Unfinished Business-book number two in that series.  I reached out to let her know I loved the series and to my surprise, she responded to thank me. Naturally, I ran to Amazon to snatch her previous books to read So, I was like- Wow! And the rest, as they say, is history. Now, we all sit around drinking Gin-gerr-ale and juice waiting for Christina to drop another fabulous story.  I’m laughing at you guys, only ginger ale for this lady.

This story was yet another fabulous romantic suspense. Christina gave us the chance to see some of our favorite Bada$$ men and women from the If You Can Series. This story featured Chadwick and Monica. Chadwick is Quentin’s cousin, and he worked with fellow agents Renata, Marcus, and the infamous thief Jolie Voleuse, also known as Naomi.  His neighbors were an equally dangerous couple. Harrison and Savannah. Inez and her love interest whom I can’t recall his name presently was not featured this time. But, anyway, this was a story of intrigue, suspense and finding your indisputable relationship mate.

Monica Stuart was married to a jerk named Kellen, who gave a whole new meaning to lousy husband.  He openly had extra-marital affairs and made no apologies about it. He had not worked in years and by default,  supported by Monica’s business savvy skills and initially a few investors. She had since repaid the investors, so her business was solely her domain. Vivid Vixen was thriving, much to Kellen’s chagrin and dismay. One would think her husband would be happy since, his wife was supporting his trifling, no working behind. But No! He was feeling sorry for himself, so he started a thing with his assistant, and then flaunted their news in Monica’s face. Man! I wanted to punch him in the throat.  I knew this would probably be the suspense part because I was ready to help her kill his mean-spirited butt.  Monica also had some high-powered friends as well as characters we know from previous books. Chloe, Nubia, and Blake. I always like it when Chloe is on the job. She’s like an Olivia Pope without screwing every man she comes in contact with for more than a few minutes. Oh! Did I say that out loud?  Oops. Love you Liv.

So, let’s go back to the beginning. Monica and Chadwick met on a chat site for insomnia sufferers. Over time they struck up a friendship which lasted until the mystery part of the story engulfed them in the saga unknowingly.  When either could not sleep, they would PM one another so they could both log onto a private chat. The innocent acts evolved into sexual sessions and some very hot and heated exchanges over the internet.  The relationship momentarily ended the day an extreme hacker tried to gain access to both computers.

There was yet another incident which caused Monica to require the assistance of a top-flight technology team. And we all know Chloe is the woman and has all the connections for any circumstance. Monica walked into Five Star Enterprise not realizing she would come face-to-face with her anonymous acts partner. Wick.    After the break-in at her home and the mysterious death, Wick was forced to defend his innocence. He was upset and hurt because he was in the middle of the drama. The final defiant act against Monica quickly spurned Wick into action. He had to protect his life, his daughter and now he’d decided he would do what was necessary to keep Monica safe. All the while, he would investigate the truth surrounding all the lousy karma suddenly in her life. Someone was trying to destroy her company, and her husbands best friend Asher was being super creepy. His girlfriend Amanda was missing, and people were not who they appeared to be. Longtime friends of the couple proved to be anomalies.

All of the drama was because a piece of a man named Kellen, who did not have a pot to piss in and a limp dick. The baby’s momma was a golddigger and tramp. I could not believe she and his mom at the funeral and the reading of the will. Bravo! Monica for being the better person.

Wick, on the other hand, was swoon-worthy, you know- the drop your panties in the trash fine. I liked the way he was patient and bided his time to get the woman he was destined to have in his life. How can one not have an emotional connection with a man who’d been a part of your life for five supportive years? And, by the way, the sexual encounters were smoking hot. From the first words in this story, I could feel their heat. It was nice Wick was there to see Monica through all the drama instigated by her husband. His betrayal was just the start of a few revelations. A lesser woman would have folded under the extreme pressure. In the end, the mastermind behind the incidents was unexpected. I did not see that coming.  You will love this story. I encourage you to read the If You Can Series to meet the characters featured in the periphery in this story. As always, 5+ Stars for another splendid story.

Review – Anonymous Acts (Five Star Enterprises), by Christina C. Jones

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