This story was a unique story, one that I was not quite ready for, especially the volatile nature of the story. I’m still not sure about the rationale for the title.

Marris was married to a man who was so self-absorbed, I had a difficult time getting inside his head space because it was so crowded with his agenda.  Marris thought she had married the man of her dreams. Wow, I beg to differ. She worked from home with her own business, and her husband Carter provided adequately for his family. Their son Cash was a seventeen-year-old basketball star and a popular student at his school.  You will learn that Cash was not born to Marris. He was in fact, a product of his father’s infidelity.  And yet Marris stayed with her husband. He had been careful since his son’s birth. He still cheated, he just had not been blatant about it.  His luck changed when the woman in bed with Carter sent a picture of the two of them entwined to Marris. He was looking all cozy, as though he was in his bed with his wife. The funny thing though, his wife was sitting in the bleachers at their son’s game waiting for him to arrive.  After getting the pictures, she shared them with her good friend Marizta, who had no love for Carter. I suppose she could see past all his foolishness, even when Marris overlooked it.

From the onset, I was pro-Marris. I don’t think I ever had a forgiving bone in my body for Carter. His persona oozed cocky, arrogant, selfish prick, and I despise that combination in a man. So, once he arrived at the game late and tried to hug and kiss Marris, she recoiled at his touch. He knew something was off. And Mr. Cocky stated he would give her a chance to cool off and then he would have her back in his corner like his little lap dog. Surprise! Surprise! Carter! I’m channeling my inner Gomer Pyle. Marris was going to overlook his final strike.  His act of infidelity was his last straw she’d warned him about after he produced the seed that grew to become Cash.

As much as Marris loved Cash, she fancied herself more and chose to end her relationship and marriage to Carter. The same night she moved out, leaving behind Cash until she could get a place of her own.  Carter immediately dissolved into selfish mode and demanded she stay, all the while he continued aggressively having sex with his mistress Coco. Each time he argued with his wife. Don’t get me started on Coco, the home wrecker. She was a piece of work someone should have lain hands-on, better yet, she needed an old-fashioned ass cracking. And Carter was beyond help with his self-centered thinking.

The story focused on Carter’s defiance about giving up his wife, who’d always been submissive to the point of being placid in Carters point of view. But after she grew a backbone and refused to be his pawn any longer, he became abusive and exhibited aggressive behavior each time he saw her. Every single time, he pushed Marris farther away, and into the arms of a younger man named Cruz. Cruz was Maritza’s younger cousin. He had always had a crush on Marris. Once their relationship began in earnest, Carter became maniacal. I faulted Cuz for his lack of protection for Marris, which resulted in a permanent injury and an awful outcome to their familial dilemma.  Cruz was aware and saw the evidence of Carter’s newfound temper, and I was appalled when Cruz and the other men in Marris’s life did little to protect her. I have a slight complaint regarding the storytelling. Marris received her redemption as did Cruz, yet I was left feeling the loss regarding Cash’s situation. *No Spoiler* The story was nice. It would be nicer to get an update on the family and especially on Cash’s condition. 4.0 Stars

Review – The Glass Pump, by Kendra Reeves

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