I was looking forward to this follow-up story with an anxiousness. I was delighted with the outcome.

Once again, I’d be remised if I did not mention how much I love the model on the cover. Whew! That brother on the front of this book makes it worth the read. KTW’s story capitalized on this great cover. Who doesn’t like deep dark chocolate?

The story picked up where we last saw Kole, Dana, and Tariq, except its one year later. Tariq soon would graduate from high school and on his way to a college out of state. The relationship between Kole and Dana progressed significantly from the previous stories ending.  This time around Kole and Dana started out in a good place until a tragic event occurred after Tariq’s graduation. A tragedy brought Kole to his knees and caused a spiral of violence and retribution that left much death, hatred, and destruction in his wake. The Organization in which Kole was once the leader had to recall their former leader to avenge the demise of one of the founders and brother of a kindred spirit. Kole dealt with a  bunch of racists hell bent on starting a race riot between the gangs and the white’s who’d chosen to rise against an unknown enemy. The Organization under Kole’s leadership caused vast amounts of mayhem until they were able to discern whom they were fighting.

Along the way, Dana stood by her man, loving him and trying desperately to keep her faith in humanity. A surprise announcement in the middle of the drama had me slightly afraid for their relationship for a brief moment. I’ll leave it there for readers to discover.   I’ll admit, Tariq’s grown into a likable young man who appeared to have a grasp on his future. He indeed loved his mother and was willing to debate with Kole over what he perceived as unfair treatment of his beloved mother. I was happy Dana’s two favorite men were able to come to an understanding regarding her well-being. Dana loved Kole, and in the end, he proved his love for her was as genuine. Once the mystery solved, there was surprisingly a smaller amount of bloodshed than I expected at the start of the war between factions. Kole, the leader, and brother was the man of the hour. He once again saved the day. He was able to maintain the woman of his heart, and despite his loss, he gained two others to love and cherish. Another fabulous story by an amazing storyteller in KTW.  5 Stars

Review – Backslide 2, by Keith Thomas Walker

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