The book review I speak about is an honest review and a plea to readers. Give this author a chance. Danielle Allen’s books were a recommendation from another indie author a few years ago. I guess hooked since then, would be an understatement.

The title for Broken Clocks piqued my interest. The sayings or comments made by Layla’s grandmother were things many of us cherish from our grandmothers. When this story ended, I was exhausted, filled, contemplative, and finally resolved. The story was well-written with highly emotional moments between Layla and William. In the story, Layla dissolved her relationship with William because she could not be his all. To appease her, they each decided to be best friends so they could remain in one another’s life. During one of their visits, the couple consummated their sexual relationship. Layla was always perplexed about doing anything that would cause them to fall out of friendship. Will endured year after year of loving Layla, making love to Layla, hoping to have her whole heart, body, and soul.

Layla’s fear was like a bitter pill, poisonous to her system. She did not want to stand in his way of having the love he needed and more.  Somehow, I had a feeling he would wait for her until the time was right for them. Over a period Layla pulled back from William and left him no choice. At one point he started dating Molly, the Model. By the way, I loved the way Layla and her friends referred to Molly by that title.  I was not happy when Molly had some news for William and Layla’s relationship. Layla was ill-prepared for the unfolding outcome.

Layla unselfishly allowed Will to have his most-treasured desire. The back and forth with Molly and William, and his constant declarations of love for Layla helped her to feel okay about being with the man she loved implicitly. William had the chance to have a love of his life, yet his heart had to process many emotions in the end.

The broken watch Layla worn was her grandmother’s, along with many remarks and comments to live. The connection and love between the couple were evident throughout the story. The story was a treasured piece of art; I hope you will enjoy this story. Be prepared for emotional moments; I think you will be in awe. My rating 5 Stars.

Review – Broken Clocks, by Danielle Allen

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