Baggage Claimed started out in a very cool fashion. Ryan and Will were two people who’d met and had instant chemistry at the baggage claim area at the airport. The story was fast-paced and had so much going on with their instant connection being the center point of the story. The story had a perfect pitch of love, lust, and sexual tension to make an average reader blush. Sometimes a story of instant attraction does not make a big enough impression to believe the couple liked one another to that level. In this story, the way the author spoke about the way they looked at the other, or the lingering connection that lasted long after they’d left the presence of the other was magical.

Telling a short story is a real art, and this author has made a career lately of delivering a short, sexy complete story in less than 100 pages. Ryan and Will’s story gave the reader’s hope to believe in love at first sight and happily ever after. And to think their relationship began in earnest in the baggage claim department. They claimed one another. Reader’s this was a great story, and I’m looking forward to the next chance to read another Alexandra Warren novel, novella, or novelette. A small slice of heaven.

Review – Baggage Claimed, by Alexandra Warren

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