Find a woman, love her, make her your wife, have babies. That was the definition of happiness that Karson Laine was taught. When Karson found the woman that made his heart bleed with jubilation and love; he devoted himself whole heartedly to her, knowing she would bear his last name, and give him the babies he desired. With a happy marriage, and a beautiful child, Karson was living the life he’d always wanted, but no one had taught Karson that not all good things last forever. What Karson thought would be forever, ended with a lifetime still left to be lived. Karson was sucked into a whirlwind of hurt, confusion, and despair. Misguided by scarred emotions, Karson used the wrong method of coping that was a detriment to his livelihood. There seemed to be no escape for Karson until there was Sunshine Bennett. With her own emotional and mental scars, Sunshine was nowhere near ready to help someone heal but there was something genuine in the connection between them. Karson and Sunshine took from each other as much as they gave, breathing fresh air into their lives. In this profound novel, journey with Karson and Sunshine as they worked to learn to first love themselves before being able to love someone else. Would they be able to overcome their scars or would their time together run out, extinguishing any opportunity for happiness in their lives?


Book Spotlight – Goodbye Love, by Jade Royal

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