The story was not one I would typically read. The relationship was non-conventional and took me out of my comfort zone for much of the story. The tale started with two long-time friends helping one another. Kiki was best friends with Kenny, both 30-somethings. Kenny’s younger sister Charley was a recent college graduate and had an internship with a company near Kiki’s home. Kenny secured a spot in Kiki’s house for his little sister. The age difference was evident at the onset of the story.  The edition took a different turn when it was apparent little Charley had a thing for Kiki.  The two ladies started to ogle one another openly and before long they gave in to their requited desires.  After the initial tease and sexual tension between the ladies, the sexual acts seemed to be all the couple implored once they began their dalliance. The couple shared limited dialogue outside of the bed. They did, however, do a lot of talking between the sheets. The story did not give readers a chance to see anything other than the sexual acts which took place over the entirety of the second half of the story after the initial reaction. If the intended goal was a highly erotic story with a once-taboo relationship, then, the author succeeded. The story needed a closer editing review to clear up some areas in the document to help the story flow better. The rendition was interesting for an overall rating of 3.5 stars.

*note: a free copy of this book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Review – Being Hospitable, by Meka James

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