When I began reading this story, the title caught my attention. Selfishness can mean many things, and rarely would one associate the meaning in a pleasant way. But, think about it from a different point of view and see if you can relate to the ladies’ side.  In the story, the author began with a message I wasn’t sure I liked, but as I read more and delved into the account, selfish had a brand-new connotation.

The heroine Tessah Jones described much like the gold-digger that Kanye West sang about in that stupid song a few years back. Here’s why that was applicable, Tessah had a collection of attractive men bidding for her time with their resources and wealth.

Don’t take the meaning incorrectly for collection. One guy was her childhood friend Emery Watson, whom she’d gone through the child-welfare system with as co-dependent. Once he made it big in the NFL, he continued to take care of Tessah financially and emotionally, as his plus one. Her other man was Caiden, a married physician with a God-complex. You will not like Caiden. I promise.  Then there was Kyree, who hated her guts because of the way she flaunted her so-called selfish ways in his presence. Kyree Warwick was the Rx drug dealer without the license to dispense. He was acquainted with Tessah’s friend Landon Matthews and made a point of letting Landon know how much he despised Tessah. That all changed when an incident with Dr. Caiden sent Kyree to the rescue. He put on his Save-a-hoe cape and did his Super Kyree thing. After spending time with Tessah after the incident, Kyree decided he might’ve misjudged Tessah. So, the moral of the story, don’t judge a book by its cover. You might be surprised what’s inside if you take the time to look without judging or taking the time to read its contents.

The story featured other characters from the previous books with Landon, Gynah and his girlfriend Adalyn. The other additions included Kyree’s cousin Shayla, and his brother Quinten, as well as his daughter Cherry, and her mother, Chandra. The backstory added drama, both good and bad, angst, laughter, and emotional stuff too. The emotional toll on my heart with Cherry, Chandra, and Teesah all vying for Kyree’s heart flowed well in this author writing style. The cute metaphors and the couples bantering episodes were super slick in this edition.  The love connection was terrific and believable. As a reader, I want to understand the character’s motivation for who they are and why they do what they do. The author did a fabulous job helping me see Tessah’s pain, as well as Chandra and Kyree’s. Although they had similar situations with trusting, their core connection was- their perceived perceptions of the other. 4.5 Stars.

*note: a free copy of this book was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

Review – A Selfish Kind of Love, by Bella Jay

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