The author is working her way into my You better recognize column, as she is doing the most with her newest releases to draw attention.  Ever since I read 8 Seconds, I’ve low-key stalked her books like a ninja. In this story, I was not blindsided, I turned all the way around a few times and back again! The story was magnificent.  Two people from different backgrounds sometimes create a culture clash within the relationship structure. Having lived two different lifestyles can be nightmarish. Then again, it might be the appeal for the other person’s point of view. Aspen St. Andrews was a thirty-one-year-old freelance journalist. She was a happy plus-sized beauty. Her suitor, Seven Storm Henderson was the owner of an auto body shop and a host of other business ventures. Also, his family’s business owned most of the companies in the township. And, yes, his name was Seven.

Once he met Aspen and staked his claim, it was on and popping. At the time of their meeting, Aspen was in a relationship with a place-keeper named Carlos. Carlos did not respect his girl’s career as a journalist and hated the amount of travel time that took her away from his sorry butt. Aspen wanted something new and different, but she was used to settling for less with Carlos. It wasn’t until she saw herself through Storm’s eyes did she accept her fate. Her relationship had run its course. It was time to make better decisions about the man in her life. A good decision involved Storm and Aspen pursuing a coupleship. I liked Storm’s spoiled, I’m used to having my way personality. And man- it was fun to watch Aspen and Storm thrown off their squares by the connection and chemistry between them. Aspen’s judgmental parents had me fuming about the way they treated Storm. But he had the last laugh. Trust me on that one.

Overall, this story was an excellent read with a well thought out theme and storyline. Yes, Monica I saw that little drop-in by Legend and his girl Harper from 8 Seconds. Get on board you all, the train is leaving the station in Walters-ville, and you want to be on board. 4.5 stars.

Review – Blindsided by Love, by Monica Walters

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