This story had me laughing from the start to the very end. Words with Friends was a Mason family novella in which we meet yet another Mason man. In this story, Rod and his girl Jerzi had a fantastic relationship. The airport meeting between these two made me choke on my laughter and run around looking like a crazy woman.  My neighbors thought I had finally lost it when I had a raspy voice like singer Macy Gray, from all the hollering and screaming I did. Rod had a day job that allowed him time to be there for Jerzi, and the two of them getting to know one another a little better was super cool because the pair had chemistry and a sweet connection. The way the couple talked about and to one another was sweetly detailed. The way Jerzi ogled her man, and the way she described his fragrance was super sexy. She said he had a big D walk. And low and behold, he could deliver on his Big D stride and style. Jerzi and Rod had a relationship many couples would be better off having. They frequently talked smack to one another every chance they got.  The most comical thing was they could still make passionate love when they finished talking trash to one another.

The chance to get to see the Mason gang once again was so much fun. The Mason gatherings with the whole family together were so much fun to listen to them banter back and forth about the smallest things. Keeping the family straight was another fun chore. Then there were the crazy names for some of the characters. Back to the couple, Jerzi and Rod made a smooth connection with their words and later with their romantic actions. The Mason men had a hotness at level 10+. So, if I can find a Mason Jar large enough to bottle them all up, I’ll let you all know. The next books will continue to bring love and energy to each story, and I am sure I cannot wait for the next installment. 5.0 Stars!

Review – Words with Friends: A Mason Family Novella, by AshleyNicole

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