When I read the first Blackstone novel from day one, I was hooked like phonics. Candy’s Corporate is the fourth in the series and refreshes our memory regarding a few of the previous characters. The Blackstone brothers’ story began with Evening with Bryson, Leaving Barrington, Forever Us: Barrington and Calista’s follow-up story, The Things Everson Lost, and their sister Candy’s story is book four in the series. The brothers have always been overprotective of their little sister, but the way this story unfolds shows her brothers to be overbearing and extra cautions when it involved Candy.

Let’s first remind you that Candy is a grown woman capable of making her own decisions. It’s her fours brothers who make it difficult for her to exercise her rights as an adult. Bryson and Barrington led the pack. In this story, Candy had a secret that just might cause a rift within her family network, and it might not be easily repaired. We’ve learned from previous stories that Blackstone Financial Group was Barrington’s baby, and he won’t allow anyone to come between him and his family’s legacy. So what will be the outcome once realizing his little sister was in bed with Kurt, a man employed by the company trying to buy out the Blackstone’s family legacy. Kurt Hempstead found himself in a precarious position when he fell in love with the sister of his rival company.

The backstory involving the mystery element with Kurt’s company and the shady dealing initially had my concern. Candy’s reaction a few times to Kurt’s behavior caused additional worry. Their love sessions restored my faith in love and commitment once again. Kurt was a nice guy caught up in an untenable situation. Candy was in much the same boat. She loved her man and wanted everyone to just let her be with whom she’d chosen. In the end, things worked out much better than expected, along with learning a few unnerving things about two of the brothers. Overall, the love part outweighed the irrational behavior of two loving brothers. Candy and Kurt will be just what the doctor ordered for the Blackstone’s next journey. Maybe Garrison’s story is next?

Review – Candy’s Corporate Crush (The Blackstone Family Book 4), by Tina Martin

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