So, let’s first acknowledge how happy I’ve been to get to write two quick reviews for this author. Her writing is terrific and thrives with each new story. I’m ready to have comic relief even before turning the first page. And much to my blissfulness, the author delivered another sensational story. The friends to lover’s trope is one of my favorites. The theme for this story was Dominique had a crush on her friend AJ all their lives and was willing to accept what she could get from him. That would be the mature thing to do, but seldom does this happen in a romance novel. Someone catches feelings and starts to force the issue with the other. But in this story, Dom and AJ made magic together look like a supernova exploding into a dreamlike state. It was apparent that they both had the same intense feelings for the other. More important was the way Dominique dealt with their decision to be together as more than friends, but not quite a couple. That decision was more mature than most stories in this genre. It was also refreshing how the two talked about the plans of action once they hit the sheets. I know AJ was not expecting to get hooked on Dom’s good-good and had to deal with the possibility of her giving it to another guy if he did not lock her down.

The couple wrangled me into their story like a dangerous criminal and held me hostage until the author’s negotiators set me free. It was no hardship to watch this couple growing together as lovers. As always the author delivered a fun, funny and very entertaining tale. The way she brings characters to life is nothing short of brilliant. The men sometimes make you want to holler and throw up both your hands. And then the ladies bring so much energy to the story. The author did a tremendous job making us love this arrogant man and the sensational leading lady, who helped us see his better qualities. AJ was better when he’s attached to his greatest love. I’ll be back grinning like a Cheshire cat for another spectacular story, and a 5-star deal.

Review – Wait For Your Love, by AshleyNicole

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