In this story, the leading lady in this tale Kenn established a plan in her life and was working desperately to complete her goals. When things went awry in her life and a new plan surfaced, not even her secret crush Derrick would initially make a dent in her plans. Derrick was unassuming as much as he was attractive. Derrick wanted to do his job and fly far below the radar to avoid getting caught in another relationship firestorm.  But when he faced the possibility of having a slight interest in the new temporary cutie, he met the reality that he might not be able to resist the charms of Kenn. Kenn also was not looking to find a love interest in her workplace. But fate saw things another way. The pair would have to decide if they survived the rocky road of relationship building, would they persist in the end to become lovers. The pair was a lovely couple and a delight to experience their connection. Book two entertained as much as the first. It’s an excellent read. 5 Stars.


Review – Care for Me (PostGrad Book 2), by Bria Felicien

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