Chances are rather good; I loved book three in this series. Diana delivered a well-developed story-line, a boatload of drama, and a fun bunch of friends who were down for one another 100%. The story featured, a sexy to die for and handsome light-skinned hunk and his forever and ever chocolate love.

Nathan and Lacey were the featured characters this time around. Kelise, JD, Mike, and Tory brought the magic back from previous books.  Nathan had a crush on Lacey since they were in the 9th grade. She and JD were best buds. And yes, I asked the question, why wasn’t JD interested in Lacey? Well, JD was affronted by the statement and said she was like a sister to him.  So, I let it go.

Lacy was small in stature in relations to the height and weight of the men in her life. Speaking of men, her so-called man Greg, showed us shortly after the story began, he was a purebred German Shepard Dog. Greg claimed he loved Lacey and was selfish with how he doled out his time to her. She knew all along about her man, yet chose not to acknowledge his misdeeds. He even bragged about loving Lacey and the need to keep her in alignment with his plans for their life.

As their college careers drew to a close, Greg, and Nathan were on the same path to the NFL.  And the friend’s trio was at odds with the relationship between them. On the night of the big breakup between Lacy and Greg, after she and Nathan finally connected but, things went array.  The joy Lacey and Nathan hoped would flourish between them, crashed and burned. In their short-lived relationship, their life together derailed one sad evening. Once again, a chance for happiness was there for the taking. Could love prevail for the couple who’d opportunities came and went previously?  In between the love and the struggles, Greg continued to be the man he’d always been. Lacey stayed with him out of loyalty. I needed that train to leave the station. It was time to get off the No-good Greg Train once and for all.

Lacey’s family support system with Kelise, Mike and JD were admirable in this emotional love story. JD and Mike loved them some Lacey and would beat the bricks off of anyone who tried to harm their little one. Once Lacey decided she wanted to be with Nathan, she had to overcome her need to nurture Bruce out of obligation to him, even though he cared little about her plight in life. She gave up her career to be with him as an Atlanta Falcon, while the man she loved was a New Orleans Saints’ player. Her true love so-called moved on with his life once again without Lacey. Years later a Chance encounter brought the four friends back together again, and this time Lacey and Nathan had a second Chance Given. The ending was bittersweet, yet poignant. I loved meeting each couple in this series. Hopefully, down the line, we’ll see them again. An Amazing Read 5.0 Stars.

Review – Chance Given (The Chance Series Book 3), by Diana W.

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