Deuces Wild was a beautiful and adventurous story. The story was hotter than a Haitian Summer. The leading roles were Cree,a super-hot Detective and Alicia aka Ace, a badass, kick-ass female character. Cree and Alicia introduced in CCJ’s Ante Up, the first book in the High Stakes series. In Deuces Wild, we saw Alicia up close and personal. Readers were blessed to get the chance to see her in a new light. It was intriguing to witness her realness and the fact that she was not only lethal, but also lovable and charming.

I already loved Cree from the first story. He was a thorn in Kingston and Ace’s side in the first story and it was so much fun to witness the bantering between Cree and Ace. Their discussions reminded me of a tennis match between two powerhouse athletes, such as  Venus and Serena. It was a joy to watch them battle with snarky words and the secretive looks of passion.

I was not surprised when problems surfaced in Alicia’s life and her past came roaring back like a vengeful nemesis. It was nice to get to know her better and to get the chance to see the softer side of Ace. It was nice seeing Kingston and Asha once again as well as revisiting King’s parents and finding out the backstory with them and Alicia.

Seeing Cree and Alicia from a different point of view was a treat as I’ve always believed they had dynamic chemistry, and to see it play out in such a dramatic and sensual way was hot, hot, hot. The story had so many layers and suspenseful moments that kept me glued to my seat. But, Loren’s part in the story this time gave me mixed emotions. You’ll see what I mean.

With each novel, CCJ invites readers to believe in romance. She tells a story with so much passion that is visually appealing and encourages readers to pull up a chair and sit for a spell. I could visualize Cree’s physical presence and his strength. I could also see Alicia’s braids, her powerful thighs, and her external beauty.  I also saw her pain. Moreover, Cree’s desire to be with this woman drew me into the story emotionally.  Mrs. Jones threw in a few curveballs within the storyline and kept us guessing until the end. I am telling you, this story was magnificent, worthy of 5 stars and five more for good measure!


Review – Deuces Wild (High Stakes Book 3), by Christina C. Jones

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