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If You’ll Let Me by B. Love

Every time I asked my father why he stayed with my mother he would say, “Love isn’t for the weak.” Because of Cory, I was learning that to be true. He’d given me my first taste of love, and he helped me to see just how stupid our hearts could be. Because of Cory, I learned that love was the only thing we couldn’t see in the physical that could completely screw up the physical – mainly our hearts.

Love had the ability to break your heart into small pieces and feed it to the idiot you loved just to make him stronger while you grew weak.

If love wasn’t for the weak, may I never be strong. – Nola Williams

For Nola Williams, until she achieves every dream and goal on her to-do list, love was to be avoided at all costs. That had been an easy task… until she met Logan Hart. Not only is Logan devilishly handsome, wealthy, and charming, but he also has the power to help Nola achieve her dreams in a fraction of the time it would take for her to do it on her own.

In exchange for her dreams, Logan is asking for Nola’s hand, heart, and commitment, and they all seem to be an easy trade in the beginning. As their exchange unfolds, Nola finds herself wondering if her dreams were worth the risk of tying herself to a man like Logan. A man who has an effortless ability to seep into the crevices of her cracked heart.

The problem? Their union is only to last for a year, and though the world thinks it’s real, Nola and Logan know it’s fake. Will she be able to leave Logan with her dreams and her heart unscathed, or will she learn firsthand how love has the power to destroy just as her father did?



Let Me Hold You (McClain Brothers Book 2) by Alexandria House

NBA player, Leland McClain, the baby of the McClain family, is tall, handsome, talented…and spoiled. He’s a man who gets what he wants, and what he wants is the lovely Kimberly Hampton.

Kim Hampton is the director of a community center, a woman who lives to help others while trying to forget a troubling past. As far as she’s concerned, a relationship with any man is a horrible idea. But a relationship with Leland McClain? That’s just out of the question.

He has to have her.

She is undeniably attracted to him.

But will she lower her guard and let him hold her?

*****Note: This is a love story involving an older woman and a younger man which contains profanity and sexual content. If you do not like these elements in your romantic reads, this is not the book for you.*****



Stones of Dracontias: The Bloodstone Dragon by N. D. Jones

A life without love, forbidden or not, is a life unlived…

For generations the worlds of man and dragon have lived peacefully side-by-side. Harmonious and yet wholly separate, there is much unknown between them–but that is all about to change. For love knows no color nor creed, and where there is passion, heat, and desire, it will spark.
So begins the story of Kya the Bloodstone Dragon and Armstrong Knight, the unwitting victims of love’s impervious pull. For when a dragon-shifter walks amongst the humans, the wheels of fate begin to turn and what was once separate worlds collide in the throes of young love. Their bonds will be tested by fate and the greedy, cruel hearts of wicked men. When their very lives, and the secret they share, are threatened, Kya and Armstrong must defy the odds and do what they can to protect the human and dragon worlds. In the chaos, a love story unfolds between two unlikely heroes and the lengths we all go to for the ones we love.



The Secrets We Keep 2 by Britt Joni

Damaged hearts can’t do anything but damage yours if not healed properly.

When tragedy struck it shook up the lives for everyone involved. Can the crew overcome this?

Kwame’s past comes barreling down at him and he’s forced with the real reality that some of his very own secrets may have played a part in his heartache. When he’s at his wits end searching for answers the person he least expected comes to his aid. Will he be humble enough to accept the help offered?​

Gaea is still licking her wounds and still not accepting the fact that she is at fault for some of her pain. When the people she loves the most get tired of playing her games and leave her alone she’s forced to humble herself. Will she get together in time to salvage her relationships?​

Will Kwame and Gaea every get it right?



The Key of Life: A Where Your Heart Belongs Novella by Paulette Jones

After the Finale….
Once you’ve found Where Your Heart Belongs…
Started your happily ever after….
How do you keep the cup that overflows, the lifetime of stability, the ups and downs of your heart that can’t be hidden, the unspoken connections and unwavering loyalty?
And don’t forget the challenge of achieving all your goals and figuring out how life is supposed to work around them. Knowing when to step out of the shadows and when to stay in them. Protecting your heart and those closes to it.
The Case, Trent, Daniel, and Magid families have figured out the needs of their hearts, found success with their careers and started their happily ever after’s. Now they’re all working towards maintaining what they have and withstand any future challenges
How to do that well…. That is the Key of Life….



Amanda’s Rescue: A Reverse Harem Romance (Nexella Others Book 2) by Paulina Woods

When Amanda is given an engineering position aboard one of the many space stations orbiting Earth, she finds herself grateful for the chance to escape the dying surface and put her talents to good use. But when one simple mistake creates an explosion aboard the station, her escape pod is hurled into deep space, and crash lands her on a desert planet. After six long months alone, all hope is lost of a rescue—that is, until five alien humanoids show up and declare she is their Other. Amanda is torn between longing for home and her new could-be alien lovers. However, before they can explore any possibility of a relationship, they first must find a way to help a hostile species…or die.



Intervals of Love (The Men of Endurance Book 2) by Olivia Gaines

Dr. Chadwick Winter lived his life in sporadic intervals. The only constant was his love of cupcakes which he made a point of securing at least three times per week. However, it didn’t take him long to realize it wasn’t the cupcakes he was looking forward to seeing each week, but the cupcake maker.

Sherron Baker was different. Her lifelong stuttering problem taught her to communicate differently with her customers and the men who sought to take advantage of her impediment, but the doctor found a way to break through her barrier.

Faced with an upcoming class reunion, Dr. Winter suggests that the cupcake lady pose as his fiancé. Sherron admired the single father of a 3 year old hellion, but she wasn’t sure her life could handle such a drastic change – pretend or otherwise.

Taking. Break from her self doubts, she plunged headfirst into the fake engagement, pausing only to enjoy the intervals of love.



Unthinkable by Shakir Rashaan

“If we do the unthinkable, would it make us look crazy?”

A painful breakup leads Devin Lowery to revert back to his womanizing ways, using his good looks and high-level executive position at RPK Entertainment to his advantage—and no woman is off limits.

Alexia Anthony is focused on her music career as a member of the R&B group, Envyye, swearing off relationships until the group is signed to a record label, despite an ex-boyfriend intent on rekindling their relationship.

A chance meeting threatens to turn both of their worlds upside down, taking them to a place that neither expected to go, all the while trying to figure out what each wants most. Can their careers and love coexist?

Unthinkable takes readers on a journey of love and lust, trust and betrayal, spinning a tale of love unexpected…and the beauty that evolves beyond boundaries.



Teach Me Moore (All That & Moore Book 2) by Celeste Granger

One family. Eight sisters, tangled in romance. Kennedy Moore, the second Moore sister, is the glue that holds the sisterhood together. While Emery, the oldest sister, was away in Washington DC, it was Kennedy that her younger sisters leaned on. A master chef in her own right, Kennedy spends most of her time in the background, pouring her passion into the culinary delicacies she creates for her clientele. Being in the kitchen has left little time for Kennedy to find love, outside of the love she has for culinary arts.
Bryce Monroe is the owner and head chef of Taste, a world-renowned, four-star restaurant in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Much like Kennedy, Bryce spends his days and nights in the kitchen, masterfully creating delectable dishes that keep his clientele coming back for more. Bryce is a multimillionaire who has everything he’s always wanted except someone special to share it with.
An unintentional brush with Bryce Monroe reminds Kennedy that there is more to life than cooking and taking care of her sisters. The two have so much in common, and the chemistry they mutually felt shakes both their foundations. Bryce is captivated by Kennedy and realizes she is what he’s been missing. Yet, Kennedy shies away, unsure whether there’s room for something more in the world she’s created for herself. Will Kennedy let down her guard and allow love in? Will Bryce push past her resistance and pursue the love of his life? Find out in Teach Me Moore: Book 2 in the All That & Moore Series.
Each book in the series is a full novel and can be read as a standalone.



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New Release Round-Up June 11th-17th

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