I thought this author was supposed to care about old people, well that analysis flew out the window when many of my older friends called to complain about heart arrhythmias after reading a few books I recommended by this author. So, from now on, I’m going to add a disclaimer for all hot books.
*Consider this your warning* I am clutching my imaginary pearls.

In this story, we are back in Building 402, this time with Monte and Nicole. The pair established a periphery for their friend’s relationships so as not to upset the framework and basis for their rapport. But chemistry overtook them when they could no longer pretend not to be in love and lust with one another. The sexual chemistry and attraction were too hard to ignore indefinitely. Nicole discovered what a true friend she had in Monte after a fire at her apartment devastated her. She needed her friend, and that connection was his hook. Despite his horny desires for Nicole, he wanted to be her friend first. He had no hesitation when he offered to help. Eventually, all their hotness was too much for them to ignore night after night. And getting an update from other building inhabitants was nice. It will be good to see what happens with the next installment. 5 Stars.

Review – Displacement: A Building 402 Novella, by Alexandra Warren

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