I would suggest reading the first book to follow this story.

In this story, Ella followed her mother’s lead when she married a man without the financial means as her wealthy family. However, that marriage was short-lived and Ella’s second chance was about finding the right man this time. She and her ex- husband were co-parenting their two daughters and coexisting.

When Ellas met Tyronne Evers, their feelings manifested as desire initially. Their attraction was evident from the start, but the pair had to decide if submitting to their wishes was the ethical thing to do given  the conditions under which they’d met.

The story was a mix of suspense and romance, the two types of storylines I love to sink my teeth into. A few times the story was slow in pacing, but as the suspense heightened, the pace began to flow much better. The author has a way with love scenes, with this couple’s rumbling in the sheets being particularly noteworthy. Overall, this story was a good follow-up to the first story and a relevant segue into the next novel.

4.5 Stars

Review – Do Over (Brooks Family Book 2), by Delaney Diamond

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