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Touched by You (Wellspring Series) by Elle Wright

Unimaginable luxury. Longstanding wealth. A powerful family empire that controls the town of Wellspring, Michigan. But three heirs are done—with all of it. Now one by one, these very different siblings are seizing control of their lives . . . and daring to find real hometown love. 

Brooklyn Wells has fought her dominating father, CEO Parker Wells, every step of the way. Instead of taking her appointed place in the boardroom, she’s a social worker. Instead of living for diamonds and designer gowns, she helps her community’s poor and lost. And now she’s falling hard for the troubled newcomer who saved her life—and holds dangerous secrets . . .

For Carter Marshall, Wellspring offers a chance to put tragedy behind him and start again. Caring too much is not in the plan—until the irrepressible Brooklyn teases him to live once more . . . and recklessly lose himself in passion.

But Parker Wells has a major deal riding on his daughter’s arranged marriage. And he won’t stop at using Brooklyn and Carter’s pasts to drive them apart. As they fight scandal, betrayal, and their own vulnerabilities, will the fire between them burn even hotter—or flame out for good?



A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement by Christina C. Jones

Rowan Phillips is a woman on a mission to provide the best she can for the community served by the Cartwright Center. When things look bleak, a mysterious benefactor steps in with an offer that could be a win-win situation… or a catch-22.

(This started – and finished – as a serial on my blog. If you read it there, there is NOTHING new here. If you are looking for warm and fuzzy, don’t like adult language, topics, or scenes in what you read, you should skip this one.)



Alicia’s Acquiescence (Delayed Book 3) by Angelia Vernon Menchan

“Crea, your dad is stringing me along.” Alicia murmured. Crea had finally convinced Alicia to offer training at their wellness center and today was one of her service days. Alicia was also sexually involved with Franklin, her ex-husband. Had been for months, almost a year. They weren’t dating or going out but she spent many nights in his home and in his bed when she wasn’t globetrotting.

“How so, mom? I thought you were just ‘kicking it and getting your groove back with a man who knows you. Y’all were apart twenty eight years at your instigation.” Crea said while glancing at her computer screen.

Alicia clapped her hands, causing Crea to glance up, giving her full attention. Alicia was dressed in a blue wrap dress with kitten heels but didn’t look out of place. It’s what suited her, though everyone else wore scrubs like Crea or sweats. Alicia taught what she called inner woman courses about self-esteem, money management and other similar courses. The classes were very popular and there was a waiting list.

“Stop staring at me as if I’m bothering you. This is important.” Alicia implored, crossing her arms.

“Mom, I’m very busy today and I thought you and dad had a mutually satisfactory arrangement. You look beautiful and he’s happy. What’s the problem?” Crea was trying hard not to sound exasperated. She had work to do and a son to feed in an hour.

Rolling her eyes, Alicia walked to a chair near the desk and sat down, smoothing out her dress.

“It is. But last month Franklin flew to Cuba to teach a class and didn’t ask me to come. Now I’m here and he’s been in Canada for two days.”

“Mom, you cannot be serious. You leave every month for ten days at a stretch. Have you invited dad to come along?” The tight look on Alicia’s face clearly indicated she hadn’t. “Dad is giving you what he promised. If it’s not working, tell him, he’ll be home in two days.”

Crea returned to what she was working on. Alicia pushed back the chair noisily before getting up and strutting from the room.

I knew Crea wouldn’t understand. She’s so enamored with Franklin.


Caroline: When life gives you lemons, make iced tea by Yvette St. Clair

Caroline Mitchell, better known as Meemaw to friends and family, has plenty of zest for life. It’s been a year since Meemaw’s husband passed and she’s tired of playing the grieving widow. She’s ready to make some changes, but is she ready to love again? She meets Willie Earl and he immediately pursues her with passion. But Meemaw isn’t sure she wants to give up her newly discovered independence for the sake of love. It’s hard enough dealing with her needy family and unpredictable best friend. Can Meemaw let go of the past and embrace the blissful future that awaits her? Is she ready to become Caroline?



Pleasure in His Kiss (Love in the Hamptons) by Pamela Yaye

They’re living their most passionate dream…

But will her scandalous secret cost her his love?

Beauty blogger and owner of the Hamptons’ hottest salon, Karma Sullivan has been swept off her feet by judge Morrison Drake. But she knows their passion-filled nights must end. She can’t let her family secret derail Morrison’s ambitious career plan. Even if it means giving up the man she loves…



Pride and Passion (Decades: A Journey of African-American Romance Book 6) by Carla Buchanan

Behind the soft smile, perfect manners, and helpful air, Constance Ray is a woman struggling to make it through the day. After her husband is killed in the Korean war, his death leaves her lost, knowing she can never be the woman she was before. Although, when a handsome navy officer shows up with a final word from the grave, Constance can’t ignore the message. She also can’t continue to be indifferent to the man who brought it, or his involvement in the war – the one for everyone’s right to be treated equally.

Nathaniel Kelly never means for it to happen, especially not with Constance. He is supposed to fulfill the final wish of the man he owed his life to, but he can’t help it when he instantly falls for the soften-spoken, bereaved preacher’s daughter. But as much as he wishes to court her, to love her, his loyalty to his friend and his obligation to make up for sins of the father, stand in the way. Remaining true to his friendship, and his mission, is hard when pride for the movement unites Nathaniel with Constance and his passion for her finally sets her free.



When I’m With You (The Lawsons of Louisiana) by Donna Hill

The bad-boy heir to the Lawson dynasty has found love!

Until his past threatens the future…

Longtime New Orleans bachelor Rafe Lawson is finally ready to tie the knot. His heart has been captured by gorgeous senator’s daughter Avery Richards. Then the media descends, jeopardizing her Secret Service career—and their imminent wedding. But it’s the unexpected return of Rafe’s first love that could cost the tycoon everything.



Wherever You Are (The Jacksons of Ann Arbor) by Elle Wright

Take a second chance on me…

Avery Montgomery created a hit show about her old neighborhood, but there’s one secret she can’t reveal: the reason she left town. Avery felt like an outsider in Dr. Elwood Jackson’s world, thanks to his brother’s disapproval. Elwood has never forgiven Avery for leaving. But when a crisis lands her in El’s emergency room, passion sparks hotter than before. Will it be too late for another chance at love?



Nirvana by Alexis Cñe

When Nirvana Lynn James’ life is turned upside down by a heartbreaking confession of a classmate, the last thing she expects to find is love.

In the midst of Nirvana trying to piece her life together, Roland Watson finds himself trying to piece her heart together. Problem is, time is not on their side.

Just as quickly as Nirvana receives Roland, she loses him and is left to sort out the heartache that landed her in the arms of Roland along with the hurt of losing him. Pair that with trying to make a name for herself in a city she quickly made enemies in, Nirvana finds herself in some life changing situations.

Only God can turn this mess into a masterpiece, and Nirvana can only hope and pray that peace, love, and Roland will find her again.



Two Precious Hearts (A Second Chance Series Book 1) by W Parks Brigham

Deception Forgiveness Second Chances Love
Sweet Romance
Tyrone Marshall had worked hard and made numerous sacrifices to reach his goal at a young age. He was on the rise of fulfilling his dream as being an entrepreneur. The blueprint had been designed and ready to be put into action, when all hell breaks loose and turns his life upside down.
Ex-Army Drill Sergeant, Eunice Joi James has put others before herself since she was ten years old, including serving her country. Finally love walks into her lonely life. Yes, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She throws her hands up and calls it quits. Now, with physical scars and a broken heart, she retires after twenty years of service.
With the weight of life’s past misfortunes, can two precious hearts release old baggage and embrace the second chance God has provided for them?



It Was Always You 2 by B. Love

In part one of “It was always You” Nehemiah and Slim committed themselves to each other, no matter the cost. In part two, their loyalty is tested. When secrets are revealed, and betrayal is made known, the roles reverse. It is no longer Nehemiah who has reservations about their commitment, but Slim.

Fatima has secrets of her own. Secrets that make it almost impossible for her to accept love from Quentin or anyone else. Known as a man who always gets what he wants, Quentin is up against the biggest fight of his life – choosing to love a woman through her pain, even if it causes him pain in the process, or letting her go and wondering… what if?

Both couples battle their pasts and secrets threatening their futures. Both couples can say, “It was always you,” but in the end… they must decide… if love is really worth it.



This Could Be Something Special by C. Monet

In “This Could Be Something Special” meet Kampbell, student by day and exotic dancer at night. She has faith that her dreams will come true as long as she stays focused. Kampbell is unrivalled, her unique personality is what sets her apart from every other woman. When she meets Kenari Evans, she’s impressed by his efforts to get her attention but once she starts to like him back, he is reminded of one very important thing.

He’s married.

Amina is the black beauty that stole his heart almost fifteen years ago. However, “I Do” wasn’t enough to hold her down. She’s desperate to find herself and become a model at the same time. Amina would rather have fame than love and doesn’t care if she hurts her husband in the process. After running off to chase her dreams, she soon realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side..but will it be too late?

Will Kam and Kenari have something special? Will Amina come back after she realizes her mistake? Find out in the standalone “This Could Be Something Special”….”



Two Steps by the Altar by Patricia A. Bridewell

Pharmaceutical sales representative, Sasha Edmonds, is a motivated high-flyer with a stellar track record at Wexel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Being the top sales rep and having a fiancé who loves her is more than she could ever imagine. But it’s not enough. Her obsession with climbing the corporate ladder is the number one goal that she strives to reach by any means necessary. Until she learns that her mother requires a new medication for her life-threatening medical condition.

When she discovers that her fiancé, Damien Taylor, may be cheating, she breaks off their engagement. In the midst of healing, she becomes captivated with Wesley Dunbar, a wealthy pharmaceutical businessman that may hold the cure for her mom and Sasha’s wounded heart. Although she attempts to resist Wesley’s romantic overtures, his charm, status, and kindness open a window of opportunities to consider. While Damien tries to woo her back into his life, her involvement with Wesley becomes complicated. A surfeit of lies and deception causes a web of mixed emotions as she struggles to help her mom and determine whether Damien or Wesley is the real love of her life.



If there are any new releases that we missed, feel free to send them our way and we will add them ASAP!

New Release Round-Up May 28th-June 3rd

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